Replenish, Recharge your Energy Fast in The Sims Mobile

In this guide, we’ll show you wow to replenish or recharge your energy fast in The Sims Mobile, and above all how to save it to be able to complete more events.

Your Sim has a maximum energy amount of 30 and this figure cannot be increased. There are several methods to get more energy. You need energy to complete events, hobbies and careers faster. But you can continue without energy - but then your sim needs a bit longer for events.

The energy bar fills up automatically every three minutes and in every 90 minutes, the entire energy bar is filled up.

Each sim in the household has its own energy bar, which also fills independently. If your energy is empty, you can wait until it has filled up again. If that is not an option for you, you should eat a cupcake. This item refills the complete bar. Cupcakes you get either through SimCash or by completing the to-do list. We encourage you to take a close look at this list - so you can get a sweet cupcake every day.

If you miss the cupcakes, you have to pay them with SimCash. You can get this currency, for example, by completing missions or real money. The following table shows you all cupcake packs in The Sims Mobile:

5x Cupcakes will cost 75 SimCash, 25x Cupcakes will cost 300 SimCash and 150x Cupcakes will cost 1,500 SimCash.

You can also take free actions. Tap on the energy bar to select the following options to recharge your energy bar:

 Replenish, Recharge your Energy, The Sims Mobile
- Bathe will give you +15 energy points every 45 hours

- Sleep in bed will give you +10 energy points every 23 hours

- A shower will give you +5 energy points every 5 hours

- Go to the toilet will give you +2 energy points Every 2 hours

The bathtub fills the most energy. You can unlock them late in the game. With level 17 you can unlock the bathtub Ultra. If you want to use it before, you can unlock it for 376 SimCash. Later, there are more bathtubs you can buy for your home.

Increase energy replenishment with items / furniture

Touch the Build / Buy button. In the bathroom category, you will find numerous furniture that influences the energy supply. For example, the plush paper holder fills up more energy when your Sim goes to the bathroom. These elevations have no limits and can be raised up.

Since you can place the paper holder up to 6x, you should also do that to get +6 + on the regular +2 through the toilet. So you get +8 energy every two hours. Special sinks also increase toilet energy replenishment.

The same applies to the bed. There are special dressers and bedside cabinets, which increase the +10 again.

At parties, you don’t use cupcakes - but party cakes. You have 10 energy per party. Your normal energy will not be used up. But if you use the full 10 energy points and return later to the party, the bar remains empty. The party energy does not regenerate automatically. It is filled to 10 at each new party - but you can only participate in two events per day.