Save Esther, Damsel in Distress: KC Deliverance

Damsel in Distress is a side quest that you’ll receive from Florian in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. He will tell you that he is being forced to do his deeds because bandits have kidnapped his lover Esther. Florian will trust and provide all the information you need to save Esther.

After the conversation with Florian you can go and talk to the owner of the bathhouse in Sasau. She will tell you how Esther was kidnapped and that it was Florian's fault alone that she was kidnapped. If you have not seen Florian before, then she will send you to him.

Florian knows where Esther is being held, but he is too scared to face the bandits alone. But that doesn’t move him to accompany you. But you can save Esther in different ways:

- If you are ready for a fight, then you can just storm the indicated camp and face the three bandits.

- You can also attack the camp at night and kill the bandits quietly.

- If you don’t want to spill blood, you can sneak up at night and crack the door to Esther without waking the bandits.

- However, the bandits have the key to the hut where Esther is held captive. But since it is a very light castle, lockpicking is not associated with too much skill.

Save Esther, Damsel in Distress, KC Deliverance

The warehouse is located in the southern part of the marked area. Either you approach from the north or you go down the river and along the cliffs until you find a path that you can follow left around the hill.

If you want to talk to Esther now, there may be a bug, as long as you have not completed the quest Miracles While You Wait yet. In that case, you have to do the charlatan's errands before you can take care of Esther.

After you have saved Esther you can talk to her, you have the choice to agree that Florian is a sissy or disagree and tell her that he has been blackmailed. But it has no influence on the conversation with Florian. But tell Esther to go with you. Then a fast travel starts and you are back in Sasau.