Stealth, Thievery and Crime System in KC Deliverance

For thieves, stealth is the most important skill of all in Kingdom Come Deliverance (KCD), as it allows you to approach your enemies unnoticed. Even in peaceful villages you are not allowed to move freely everywhere, the inhabitants of Bohemia appreciate their privacy. If you bother them, warn them to go away. If you don’t react promptly or commit a crime, you will see the local guard. It gets even more dangerous for you if you get caught in tricky places like an armory or the chambers of a nobleman. In that case the arrest takes place immediately.

So you should not be noticed and you have to pay attention to several things:

- Move creeping in areas where you don’t want to be discovered. So you move silently and stay out of the field of view of potentially present witnesses. BUT: Sneaking across the marketplace in broad daylight is everything, but not inconspicuous!

- Match your clothes to the situation. If you wear black clothes at night, you are harder to see. In addition, don’t wear clothes that rustle and rattle loudly during your move. The less metal, the better. Since you want to avoid fighting, you can take off almost everything. In the character window under noises you can see how loud you are moving. The values of visibility and conspicuity should also be as low as possible.

- However, sometimes, the exact opposite strategy leads you to the goal, namely whenever you can get access to protected areas with a mask - masked as a guard. However, remember that you will still be recognized if you don’t wear a helmet with a visor or a protective mask.

- Not only you have to be quiet, also your entire procedure. If a lock pipe breaks through the lock, it also awakens deeply sleeping people. Even worse is a watchdog that you provoke to bark with your presence. Always have a piece of meat that you can throw to the animal!

- Tip: Herbalist Kunhuta sells the recipe for a thief, which increases pickpocketing, lockpicking and stealth abilities by five for ten minutes.

Secretiveness is best enhanced by moving covertly close to opponents and silently pulling them out of circulation. Also pay a visit to the millers Simon or Woyzeck who offer paid exercises for stealth.

How the Lockpicking System Works in KCD

Although you already get the first lockpick set in your home village, and of course the chance to use them, the fun starts when you meet Miller Peshek. He also has a locked training box at his disposal, where you can practice without pressure and record the first skill ascents. Here is a step-by-step guide:

- You have to have at least one lock pick in your inventory.

- Approach unseen to a locked chest and press the indicated action button to begin the lockpicking. The locks have different degrees of difficulty. The higher the difficulty, the higher your skill must be to give a try at all.

- Next, a diagram of the lock mechanism opens. Use the mouse cursor (or the controller's right analog stick) to find the right place for your pick, and you'll recognize it by filling in the circle with a golden yellow ball. The farther you are from the point, the smaller and grayer the ball becomes in the circle.

Stealth, Thievery, Lockpick, Pickpocketing Crime System in KC Deliverance

- Then you have to turn the mechanism (key D or left analog stick) and at the same time move the lockpick over the cursor or right stick so that the ball keeps its golden yellow color in the circle.

- If you manage to turn the mechanism far enough while lockpick is in the right position, you unlock the lock.

- If you turn the mechanism when the lockpick is in the wrong position (gray dot in the circle), it blocks, which can damage or even destroy the lockpick.

- This process is bit difficult, because you have to perform two movements with feeling parallel, in one go, a break is not possible. However, with a bit of practice and an ever-increasing lockpicking skill, you are getting along better and better.

How to Increase Your Lockpicking Skill / Ability

Of course, the lockpicking skill increases by cracking locks. But there are other possibilities. Under the dialogue option "exercises" Miller Peshek sells several locksmithing lessons, through which you can climb one or the other rank. In addition, Miller Woyzeck offers the book "Who Needs A Key" for sale. You can find him in the mill near the river west of Neuhof. But before you can increase your skills by reading the pages, you first have to learn to read. And then, of course, there's the padfoot potion that increases the Lockpicking skill by five points for ten minutes.

As you level up, you'll have the option to unlock the Lockpicking improvements in the Skill window (P button, Skills tab). Click on the "+" and then invest your points in the unlocked talents. We would like to particularly recommend to you "Stable Lockpicks", "Clever Hand", "Silent Locksmith" and "Master of Castles".

How the Pickpocketing System Works in KCD

Miller Peshek not only teaches you how to pick locks, he also shows you how to successfully steal from your victim - and on request over and over again. Unfortunately, the claw-related minigame has a bit more frustration potential than the castle crack, because you can fail for several reasons. But in turn:

- Approach your target undetected. The easiest way is to steal from sleeping or drunken victims!

- Start Pickpocketing with the Action button and hold the button to rifle the pockets of the target.

- As you dig, a circle reveals your progress. The higher the number in the center or the further the yellow border has progressed, the more time you have to search through the pockets, select items and, finally, pull your hand out of your pocket. The problem: The longer you dig, the greater the chance that your victim will notice you. So you have to weigh, keep an eye on the color of the circle (green is good, not red) and stop raking in time to start the next step.

- If you have completed the process and have not been caught, another circle opens with various empty fields filled with question marks or a door. Over the door you leave with your hand the bag of the victim. However, you should first reveal as many question marks as you can and mark the objects behind them, if interesting for you, so that you can get them through the theft. The yellow outline shows you how much time you can spend on the procedure.

By the way, as every resident of Bohemia has a regular routine, you also have the option of a Plan B on many pickpocket quests. Waiting for your opponent to sleep and then silently pick his pockets without the frippery. However, for very sociable people, you may well never get the chance on Plan B.

How to Increase Pickpocketing Skill / Ability

Miller Peshek is also your man on the subject of "pickpocketing", he has some paid exercises in stock for you. Also get the book "The Rules of St. Nicholas" by Peshek or "The Rules of St. Nicholas II" by Miller Simon, if you want to further increase your skill - but you have to read that! Then you can expect step increases when you pickpockets, practice is just the best exercise. Oh, and the above mentioned portion also gives pickpockets five skill points for ten minutes.

Of course, as you progress, you'll also have the option to unlock pickpocketing improvements in the skill window (P button, Skills tab). Click on the "+" and then invest your points in the unlocked talents. We especially recommend you all the talents that minimize the chance of getting caught or being delivered to the guards.

How To Sale Your Stolen Goods

The Miller already mentioned several times are your first point of contact, if you want to get rid of stolen goods or hunting loot. Yes, even the poaching is prohibited in Bohemia of the 15th century. The more money can be earned with it, so get your bow and arrow early and spin a few laps in the forest! If you continue to process the meat over the fire, even more Caster beckons!

Peshek, Simon and Woyzeck have only a certain fortune, but this increases over time again. So stash your stolen goods in your personal chest, if you could not get rid of everything at the visited miller, and come back later. In Peshek’s Mill you even have direct access to all your possessions. The gentlemen sell in return the one or the other book mentioned above, pickpockets (of which you will consume some at the beginning), and a dagger. The latter can only be used for secret attacks when you have learned the stealth skill "Assassination".

Crimes / Guilt And Punishments

You should not be wandering through a city with lots of stolen goods in your luggage. Especially in troubled times, the city guard tends to pick out citizens and search these. Transfer items marked with the red hand, for sale in your horse's saddlebag or in your personal chest.

Incidentally, you don’t necessarily have to sell stolen or poached meat to the millers. The further away you are from the place of theft and the longer the theft is, the greater the chance that stolen goods will become normal good (the red hand then disappears). In addition, some hosts like to turn a blind eye when you bring them a juicy deer or a piece of wild boar. However, we recommend the latter only in combination with quests that demand exactly this from you.

If you get caught in a crime or stolen property, punishment happens, depending on your offense. Thieves usually lose their stolen items and have to pay a fine. On the other hand, murderers go to jail immediately. With enough money you can buy yourself out of the punishment.

If someone has observed you in a crime but you have escaped, you should avoid the region for a while. You recognize on the world map whether you are searched in an area, there (as well as directly beside the compass) then a wanted symbol (purse or prison) appears. Important: Even if you are no longer wanted by the guards for your actions, it may be that NPCs have noticed your face and are less sympathetic to you. A trainer then denies you that ... well ... training. If you don’t let yourself go into debt for a long time or improve your reputation by completing quests or especially generous courtesies, your reputation with the person will increase as well.