Tactics to Get Ribbon Fast, Win Horse Race: KC Deliverance

The Sport of Kings is one of the many side quests that you’ll get in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. In this quest you have to win a hose race using one of Zora's horses and convince everyone, especially Mr Diwisch, that the Neuhof horses are the best!

In fact, you can participate this event with any horse. But if you want to help Zora, you have to compete with her dapple gray!

How to Start Talmberger Horse Race

It is not that important, what time of day you start in Talmberg. First you have to leave the dapple gray and then visit Mr. Diwisch in the castle. Ask him about his reasons why he does not want to buy any more horses from Neuhof and you find out that he is a chauvinist filth ... that he has his prejudices against women. But with the appropriate words you can convince him. Here, he proposes a horse race. If you win, he is convinced.

Now go to the stable master of Talmberg, who usually - dressed in yellow. The stable master is strong on Zora's side and wants to plan a great race. You can also ask him for the rules. You will learn that there is no clear career path, only waypoints that you have to pass in any order.

Around midday, go to the East Gate of Talmberg with the dapple gray. In the course of the hour then also the other riders and Mr. Diwisch appear. Then it's about riding to the three places and taking the ribbons with them. Who returns first with all loops to the starting point wins the Talmberger horse race. This route should work best:

Get Ribbon Fast, Win Talmberger Horse Race, KC Deliverance

- The dead tree is located between the church and the tavern. Here you can see a post with a red and yellow flag from further away. Pass this close enough to collect the ribbon. You don’t have to go down for that!

- Next go to the mill at Merhojed. It is located in the southeast of the city and just outside. The flag or the ribbon is relatively central at the entrance to cheering citizens.

- The last stop is the quarry of Talmberg . Don’t get tangled up riding if you want to pass the creek.

- Finally, you have to go back to the starting line of the race. Since the other riders always take the long route, you can easily overtake them at the bend of the way up to Talmberg.

Since you don’t have to stay on the trails - unlike your fellow combatants - you can confidently take shortcuts and ride across the country. However, it is advisable to rummage through the stations beforehand or at least once to see the map, so you don’t forget the way. But you can always follow the first rider and overtake him towards the end, when you are already on the way back.

So that the horse doesn’t throw you off, because you ride it too much, the trot changes when the green bar falls below a quarter. Then the stamina recharges quickly and you continue to lead the race.

Speak to Mr. Diwish after you win and then return to Zora with the good news . However, after the conversation with Diwish you unlock the trophy. Here you probably encounter some software bugs, because although Zora promises you a saddle, this often doesn’t appear in the inventory. After all, you can also buy the saddle from Zora or other stable masters.