The Best Weapons to Choose in Far Cry 5

In Far Cry 5 (FC5), there are so many cool weapons to choose from. Which one you use in combat depends on your playing style. If you prefer not to attract attention of enemies, then you can choose silent weapons or melee combat. If you don’t care about noise, shotguns and machine guns are perfect. There are some clues to the weapons, which can be helpful to you especially at the beginning of the game. No doubt, you’ll be asking yourself questions like, “Where do I find weapons? How do I get more weapon slots? Or which weapons are right for me? In this guide, we try to answer all these questions.

As you progress through the game, you'll find edge-level weapons or can grab a useful rifle from a dead enemy. In addition, you can also unlock weapons with resistance points and then buy with the necessary change. For that, you either need enough resistance points or you can buy silver bars for real money.

And also many cool skins are available for the guns, but they are purely cosmetic investment, just like the clothes in the game.

That said, let's look at the weapon categories in Far Cry 5, because there are 10 different categories altogether. Before you buy the weapons in the shop, you can also find them in the environment - for example, at opponents. You can even modify or upgrade it, but only as long as you have equipped it. It will only be permanent if you have acquired it for hard cash. You can choose from the following categories:

Melee Weapons

If you sneak unseen to an enemy, you can kill him with melee weapons. Your bare fists are enough for that. But if you want to defend yourself in close combat, there are two more slots available that you can equip with striking devices.

Shovel: It may looks little, but with a damage value of 6, it hands it all away. It also stands around every wall and can be collected easily.

Spiked Bat: For this you have to reach two levels of resistance in any region before you can grab it.

Best Weapons, Far Cry 5

Side Arms

If you run out of ammo for your favorite rifle, you can grab side arms. Also, your co-op partner can give you ammo for this weapon.

SMG-11: With the high rate of fire you don’t need much aim - only need enough ammunition. For $ 1,500, you can unlock them permanently in the shop.

.44 Magnum L: Once you've reached three levels of resistance, this classic is at your disposal. Due to the good handling and accuracy and a relatively good range you can deal with the great damage.


You don’t need precision with this weapon, just spread a little shot and hit as much as possible. Especially during hunting, the shotguns are effective. However, for distance damage, they are completely unsuitable.

SBS: If you want to fire from the hip and shoot your way, you will do enough damage with this shotgun. You need four resistance levels to unlock this weapon.

Sub-machine Guns

Especially good in co-op where you face a large amount of opponents.

MP5: After just one resistance level in any area, you can afford a solid sub-machine gun with a high rate of fire and good handling and accuracy. It has lower damage value but sufficient bullets are still deadly.

Vector.45 ACP "Classic": If you can afford to spend $ 7,200 - then you can grab this weapon. With a firing rate of 9, it cannot be beaten and even at a distance makes the opponents small.


Although the handling of rifles is usually a bit cumbersome, but they share effectively.

45/70 T: If you like heavy weapon in the hands, which is also precise and damage-intensive, we recommend this rifle to you. Only in handling it is mediocre. But this is not a big issue for a trained shooter.

Sniper Rifles

Who does not like a little sniping in Far Cry? As soon as an enemy sees the body of a crony, they are alerted and you may soon change before you get caught.

SA-50: Sure, six levels of resistance are not super fast, but if you want to act effectively out of ambush, it is worth saving on this rifle.

Jacob's rifle: This has higher accuracy but a lower rate of fire.

Machine Gun

If the battle gets hard and you face hordes of opponents, then grab the machine gun to clear the way for you.


Even with a muffler you are not as quiet as with a bow. In addition, the hunt makes it incredible fun - whether on game or cult members.


Clear the reinforcement quickly by grabbing a launcher.

Special weapons

They are fun, but not for the everyday resistance fight.

- Compound bow: This is not only extremely effective and quiet, but also you can retrieve the most ammunition when you loot the corpses. It's also great fun to play the deadly White trash Armor from afar.

- M249: If you want to make a bit more noise, this machine gun is recommended to you. Due to the high rate of fire, everything and everyone is at your feet in a large radius.

- Flamethrower: Only for professionals or fire devil, because you can of course also put yourself in flames and take considerable damage. The flamethrower is a good way to blaze a path.