Useful Tips, Strategy to Level Up Fast in Metal Gear Survive

The Konami's latest survival action video game, Metal Gear Survive, is a spin off from MGS 5: The Phantom Pain, offering a good mix of stealth and survival mechanics with co-op and single-player campaigning as well as base building elements. Survival depends on your strategic decisions and your ability to assess the opponent's behavior. Here, you’ll find some helpful tips and the best ways to level up quickly in Metal Gear Survive easier.

Manage Hunger and Thirsty

There is a pond close to your base, where sheep and gerbils cavorting. Although the water is dirty, you’ll find a few bottles of clean drinking water on the table close to the water, which spawn at irregular intervals. Each time you go to the title menu and then back into the game, the sheep are back - in emergency situations, you can avoid starvation by switching to the menu and back and, if desired, creating supplies. You will gain access to clean water after Chapter 7. Occasionally, you will find clean bottled water while exploring the area, but in the first few hours you will not be able to avoid consuming dirty water. The more dirty water you drink in a row, the more likely you are to have health problems. Just wait a little bit before you consume the next bottle.

Birds are best killed with a bow or a firearm whose meat provides practical bonuses to health regeneration. Although it is quite practical to use stamps to mark the location of animals such as sheep and goats, it takes a very long time to respawn. So don’t go back too early to the marked area if you are hungry, but rather seek in places that you have not yet visited. In the fog, there’s no game, only vegetable food such as carrots.

Always Well Prepared

Before you enter into the fog you should repair your equipment (do not forget the oxygen cylinder). Use one of the workbenches. It is also worth the fences that you make with iron, and take Molotov cocktails. From both objects you can carry a maximum of six pieces with you. At bottlenecks, the fences are very handy to eliminate the migrant through the meshes without harming you. The best suited weapons to use here are the bow or the spear. If you are in an elevated position, it is worth using Molotov cocktails; The enemies take damage continuously and inflame each other. You can do the rest with the jump attack (if you bought it while leveling up). But be careful when dealing with the fire: even if the flames are no longer visible, they can still set you alight. So wait for awhile to avoid this unnecessary damage.

Useful Tips, Strategy, Level Up Fast, Metal Gear Survive
Also, you should never enter into the fog with thirst or hunger, this lowers your health and stamina. Don’t forget to cook your meat, because there is a risk of infection eating raw. Don’t visit to the fog until filling the Oxygen Bottle that costs a lot of Kuban (any padding will damage it as well), you always want to return from the expedition with more crystals (ideally enough to level once). If you have the necessary ingredients, then craft regularly bandages and first aids items. These stuffs weigh almost nothing and can eliminate annoying status effects such as bleeding.

Meaningful Level Up

Your points are well invested in the two values of health and strength, three points in each of both talents will help you immensely in the beginning. A slight improvement in loot speed is provided by the corresponding perk for a talent point, but you should not expect too much from it. Expanding your CQC combos is a good idea if you don’t defend yourself most of the time with ranged weapons. Keep a little Kuban energy with you so that you can replenish your oxygen and craft items, cook and build base facilities. With each level, you'll need a larger amount of Kuban, so pay attention to the level of Wandering you kill: If are low-level opponents who drop only 500 units of the raw material, it is not worthwhile to loot the corpses soon.

Collecting and Crafting

Always take everything with you! At the beginning, important resources are iron, bottles and oil for Molotov cocktails. You can disassemble tables, wooden crates, and barrels with melee weapons. Before you travel back with a warp point, fill the bag with nearby objects as full as possible. Later you will have to protect your base with fences and other defense tools, you will need a lot of resources. Wild berries, carrots and herbs of all kinds should also always be taken; The berries and carrots fill your stomach a bit on the way when you run out of rations and cooked food. Keep a few empty bottles in the inventory so you can fill them with dirty water when needed. This is worse than clean water, but quenches the thirst as well. Objects respawn after some time, it is worthwhile to stop by at places you have already visited. If you find potatoes (they are in the area where you rescue the nurse), don’t eat them, even if you're hungry. Later you can plant them and grow the potatoes there for a permanent food supply. The same goes for corn, tomatoes and onions.

Check out Virgil as soon as you have started the game and are in your base, because there you will take on side orders that reward you with all sorts of raw materials. Also, don’t forget to take tasks there and regularly open chests that you find in the game world at Virgil. In addition, every day you'll get a sign up bonus, but this stuff will first be sorted into the Inventory box category in the Warehouse, so you'll need to remove those items from there to appear in your correct camp.

Build a Meaningful Base

You don’t have to defend your base for a few hours in the story, as soon as you activate the drill for the first time. There are no free-roaming walkers who just come by, so don’t worry too much about the defense in the first few hours. But you can make preparations beforehand, so that the defense of zombies will be easier for you later. Provided there is enough iron, you should pull a chain link fence around the outer border of the base and let the existing barricades, such as sandbags and so on, pass. You simply climb over fences at the push of a button, so you don’t have to leave any gaps to switch between the areas. You should place your valuable structures close to the core of the base, because all of your buildings can be destroyed if they are in the way of the zombies. Once you can build the better variants of a facility, you should dismantle the old version - it just takes up valuable space and you get back some of the resources used.

Sneaking and Fighting

Of the multi-faceted creep mechanics of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain , only rudiments are left in Metal Gear Survive, but you should take advantage of them. Wandering are very stupid and can be eliminated with one ambush attack with just one hit. Wait to remove the corpses until no other rookies are in close proximity, as your stealth kills attract little attention, looting near enemies. Especially at the beginning of the game, a spear is the best choice as a close-combat weapon, with the stings you can catch several enemies at the same time and you can attack through fences and from raises. For better durability and more damage, you upgrade your weapon up to five times at your repair stations, you do not need a lot of resources, and since you will probably use the spear for a long time, the investment is well worth it. You should save pistols and their ammunition for later-emerging, flying enemy types. Ranged you do at first best with a bow. Melee combat without a weapon and especially without talent points awarded in this area is not recommended, you will be overwhelmed quickly and do little damage.

Extra Slots for Extra Money

A second or third character slot costs you extra money in Metal Gear Survive. In fact, additional characters have several advantages: While you need to rebuild your other survivors, build your own base, and collect Kuban crystals, all other resources are common property! This means that with your second or third character you have access to all the weapons, food supplies, recipes and more that you have unlocked in your first game. In addition, redeemed exploration team slots are also valid for your other characters, so you can send many more base members on a loot tour than with just one character and get a lot more loot. Do you need the extras to see special content? No. You will not miss anything if you don’t buy.

Metal Gear Survive: Other Tips

- If you've gotten lost in the fog, look for lights. Warp points and your base can sometimes be recognized by the haze on the glowing towers. Alternatively, you crouch down and wait a moment without moving. After a few seconds a compass will appear around you, where you can read the compass direction.

- If you are not getting any new distress signal quests, make sure to sleep in your cabin a few times. But remember that you get hungry and thirsty. Look for exclamation points above the heads of your base members, they give you the rescue missions.

- You can climb the ruined Motherbase next to your base with some skill and sandbag barriers in your inventory. There is nothing there but a nice view, plus there is a risk of falling.

- The pool next to your base will eventually "dry out", so no more water supply. Therefore always take with you dirty water on the way. Later you can build rainwater tanks.

- You get access to four other classes next to "Survivor" only after playing through.

- Adjust the stealth kill to keep it at the right distance from the enemy (as indicated by the knife icon at the bottom right of the screen.

- Defending warp points makes it easier for you to survive by decimating your opponents in the area before launching the warp device. These defenses don’t spawn new enemies, only all nearby enemies are lured.

- Travelers who have been killed with a stealth kill can loot with the wormhole device. You will receive a bonus on the preserved Kuban crystals.