Battletech PC Achievements Guide

Harebrained Schemes and Paradox Interactive’s turn based strategy game Battletech is now available on PC, bringing a total of 109 Achievements. You can unlock these achievements by fulfilling certain requirements.

In guide, we’ll show you the list of all PC achievements and their unlock conditions.

You Can’t Kill Me!

Years of Sweat - Refitted 50‚ Mechs

Work Is Steady - Completed 10 mercenary contracts

Why We Fight

Who’s Unbalanced? - Won a skirmish match using fewer‚ Mechs than the AI opponent

Who’s the Underdog? - Won a match with three‚ Mechs vs. an OpFor with four‚ Mechs

Who’s Next? - Hired 25 MechWarriors

We’ll Call It a Draw

War Winner - Won a skirmish match at the War (25m) Lance Value Budget

Unlimited Winner - Won a skirmish match with more than 25m Lance Value on both sides

Undaunted - Won a skirmish match with a Lance Value 10m less than the OpFor’s

Try, Try Again - Lost 10 online matches

Trash Can Fire!

Training Is the Path to Victory - Won 10 skirmish matches

Totally Awesome - Refitted a‚ Mech other than an Awesome equipped with three or more PPCs

Tis But a Scratch

Tinkerer - Refitted 25‚ Mechs

The Trashmen Cometh

The Sword of Restoration

The Deadliest Catch

Battletech, PC Achievements Guide

The Bigger They Are - Destroyed 50 assault‚ Mechs

That’s a Lotta Salvage - Destroyed 500‚ Mechs

Tank Up - Refitted a‚ Mech with the maximum amount of armor

Surgical Extraction - Killed a Pilot without destroying their‚ Mech

Stomp the Yard - Destroyed 5 enemy vehicles with melee

Special Thanks To You, Too!

Sock‚ Em - Destroyed 5 enemy‚ Mechs in melee

Seasoned MechWarrior - Played 50 online multiplayer matches

Saving the Metal! - Completed 25‚ Mech repair work orders

Saved the Meat - Ejected 5 times

Run Away Faster!

Rookie - Played 5 online multiplayer matches

Rock‚ Em - Destroyed 50 enemy‚ Mechs in melee

Raining Fire - Refitted a‚ Mech with only Missile weapons

Punchmaster 6000 - Refitted a‚ Mech with only Support weapons

Plague of Locusts - Won a 4v4 match with all of your‚ Mechs being Locusts

Pick On Someone Your Own Size

One Shot - Destroyed an enemy‚ Mech’s head with a Called Shot

One‚ Mech Army

On Wings of Flame - Destroyed 20 enemy‚ Mechs with Death from Above

Of Noble Heart - Negotiated for nothing but reputation in a completed contract

Of Mercenary Mind - Completed your first mercenary contract

No Guts, No Galaxy - Maxed out a MechWarrior’s Guts stat

Necessity over Conscience

MechWarrior Factory - Hired 100 MechWarriors

MechDominator - Won 50 online matches

Master Tactician - Maxed out a MechWarrior’s Tactics stat

Mass of Mediums - Destroyed 50 medium‚ Mechs

Making the Most of What You’ve Got - Won a skirmish match with a Lance Value 5m less than the OpFor’s

Look What I Made - Built 10‚ Mechs by collecting/salvaging their parts

Look Out Below - Destroyed 5 enemy‚ Mechs with Death from Above

Living the Mercenary Life - Completed 25 mercenary contracts

Legendary MechCommander - Won 100 online matches

Legend of the Periphery - Completed 100 mercenary contracts

Learn from Your Mistakes - Lost to the AI one time

Laser Show - Refitted a‚ Mech with only Energy weapons

Kneecapper - Destroyed an enemy‚ Mech’s leg with a Called Shot

Killer of Light - Destroyed 50 light‚ Mechs

Kick‚ Em When They’re Down - Made a melee attack on an enemy‚ Mech that was knocked prone

Keep‚ Em Coming - Hired 50 MechWarriors

Just Getting Started - Destroyed 50, Mechs

It’s Just a Flesh Wound

Is It Hot in Here?

In Over Your Head - Retreated once from a contract before any of your‚ Mechs got destroyed

I’m Invincible!

Humpty Jumpty

House Parata Restored

House Karosas Restored

House Gallas Restored

House Decimis Restored

Hope They Last - Hired five MechWarriors

Highlander Burial

Heavy Metal - Destroyed 50 heavy‚ Mechs

Had Your Chance - Missed a Called Shot

Grizzled Vet - Played 100 online multiplayer matches

Grave Robber

Good Start - Won an online multiplayer match

Gimme the Goods - Negotiated for nothing but salvage in a completed contract

Getting the Hang of It - Won 50 skirmish matches

Fresh Off the Lot - Purchased a new‚ Mech chassis

Fortune Favors the Bold - Won a skirmish match with a Lance Value 15m less than the OpFor’s

Flame On!

Family Reunion

Eck’s Gon' Give It to Ya

Dropping like Big Metal Flies - Destroyed 250‚ Mechs

Double Kill - Destroyed two‚ Mechs in the same turn using Multi-Target

Deadeye - Maxed out a MechWarrior’s Gunnery stat

Danger Zone - Maxed out a MechWarrior’s Piloting stat

Coward of the Periphery

Coromodir Lost

Complete Roster

Clash Winner - Won a skirmish match at the Clash (15m) Lance Value Budget

Champion of the Arena - Won 100 skirmish matches

Champion in the Making - Won 25 online matches

Bullet Farmer - Refitted a‚ Mech with only Ballistic weapons

Bug Stomper - Destroyed 50 enemy vehicles with melee

Blaze of Glory

Big Money, Big Prizes - Saved up over 20 million C-bills

Beta Strike

Battle Winner - Won a skirmish match at the Battle (20m) Lance Value Budget

Atlas Shrugged

Argo Rising

Alpha Striker - Destroyed an enemy‚ Mech with an Alpha Strike

Age-Old Question

A Mercenary’s Work Is Never Done - Completed 50 mercenary contracts

A MechWarrior’s Path

A Hero Forged

5 Millionaire - Saved up over 5 million C-bills

10 Millionaire - Saved up over 10 million C-bills