CoD WWII Shadowed Throne, Unlock Wunderbuss, Pack A Punch

In Call of Duty WWII Zombies: The Shadowed Throne, the Wunderbuss Wonder is very useful weapon, without this you won’t be able to get to the Pack A Punch machine.

First, you need the battery that can be found in three different places, you will not get an icon when you find a battery, you just have to interact with the object. You can find the battery in the following location:

- In the museum next to a corpse
- In the museum on the upper floor on a small table in the corner

CoD, WWII, Shadowed Throne, Unlock Wunderbuss

- In the theater

After that you’ll need to kill a zombie in close combat to find another part for the wonder weapon, but there are several steps necessary:

- Look what's up on the radio / radio at the main road, notice the combination (for example ZX 3)

CoD, WWII, Shadowed Throne, Unlock Wunderbuss, Combination Code

- Next you go to the church (through the museum), look at the big map, at one of the district staples a red pin.

CoD, WWII, Shadowed Throne, Radio, Green Light
- To the left of the map you will find lists of districts, and respective frequencies. You need the frequency from the area where the red pin is placed.

- In the list, each district has several options, now this matches with what you have read on the beginning of your radio (for example, ZX 3).

- Remember the two frequencies and go back to the radio. Now set the correct frequency.

If you have done everything right now, the red light will switch to green and you will receive the clue with the Zeppelin. You must now draw the attention of the Zeppelin to you, go to the other side of the map, opposite the church. There you will find a box that you need to shoot with melee until flares are visible (The Russians contacted and decoy shot down).

Now comes the Zeppelin and throws anchor and shoots zombies, you can kill them with a melee weapon and get the last part for the wonder box.

Now go to the basement of the "Apartments" section and place the battery in the generator. When the door opens, remove the battery, go into the room and put the battery in the Wonder weapon!

Unlock Pack A Punch Machine

CoD, WWII, Shadowed Throne, Unlock, Pack A Punch

To unlock the Pack A Punch machine, you need to find two hidden power boxes (electricity). You have to open it with a grenade and shoot it with the Wunderbuss. If you both have power, the door of the Pack A Punch machine opens. Now, you can improve / upgrade your weapons on the machine.

- The first power box is underground (launch area), in the tunnel is a grid, behind the grid is the first power box.

- The second power box is in the destroyed building

- The super sprinkler is unlocked