Coins and Gems Farming Guide: Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

In Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, if you want to change your initial costumes then you need coins and gems. Of course, the gems are more important in HPHM because with them you can buy energy boosts.

Coin Farming Tips

Many of the outfits and hairstyles you can buy with coins. Otherwise, you only need the galleons if you want to start friendship activities like Gobstones or Duels. Do the following tasks to earn coins in HPHM.

- Attend classes regularly as progress on top of the bar will often reward you with small amount of coins.

- If you reach a star in progress, you often have a coin reward to choose from. Usually it's between 10 and 50 coins, but it has happened to us once before that we were allowed to accept 1,000 gold coins. This is very likely to be the case.

- Also conversations with friends can reward you with coins if you choose the right answer.

- If you score only third or fourth place in the fight for the house cup, you will also receive gold. However, we recommend the first or second place, because here you’ll get gems as a reward.

Coins, Gems Farming Guide, Harry Potter, Hogwarts Mystery

You can use real money to buy coins, but they can only be used for cosmetic items. So go for it like a logical Ravenclaw and see if it's really worth your while to invest so much real money.

Gems Farming Tips

Gems are scarce and much more expensive currency in HPHM. You need them if you want to unlock certain hairstyles or outfits, you can also use gems to buy energy or skip waiting times.

- For example, you receive gems as a reward in the classroom when you reach a star in the progress bar. Subsequently, you will be offered three rewards to choose from and every now and then is also a gem here.

- There are also gems in learning new spells. Here you will receive five gems as a reward.

- Also, you get the them when you step up with a classmate in Friendship Level. You can do this for example through Gobstones or long conversations in which you have to choose the right answer.

- As your character levels up, you can also receive gems that will upgrade your account a little.