Dragon Locations Find Reginn, Otr and Fafnir in God of War

Dangerous Skies is one of the trophies in God of War video game. To unlock this trophy you need to complete three side quests “labors” and these side quests require the free of three locked dangerous.

To free these tree dragons, you must destroy three dragon shrines close to Reginn, Otr and Fafnir.

Free Reginn

Reginn is located in the Konunsgard area, west of Midgard. However, you cannot enter this area until you have completed all the favor of Brok and Sindri. If you stand in front of the seal altar holding the dragon, go to your left and jump over the bridge. After a few meters you will find the first dragon shrine on the right side.

Go straight and keep right. You enter a cave where you’ll find the second dragon shrine.

Now go back to the first shrine and see the other path. The gate is closed and you have to ring three bells to open it. Right next to the gate is the first bell. The second bell is further up to the left of the gate (throw the ax). The third bell is also on the left behind a grid. Take a red explosive crystal and throw it in front of the grid - with that you should be able to ring the bell (shoot the arrow). Then open the gate and follow the path until you reach the third dragon shrine.

God of War, 2018, Free Dragon Reginn

Free Otr

You can find Otr in the Veithurgard area, northeast of Midgard. Here, you have to take the long staircase and dodge sideways as the dragon fires its thunder beam. At the end, you need to go to the right and destroy the first dragon shrine at the end of the path.

Then you follow the left path until you reach the second dragon shrine. Then you have to run over the bridge, jump to the lower level and then go under the same bridge.

Follow the path and keep right - you will reach a cave. Pass the cave and you will soon find a locked gate. Left and right there are characters that you can change with an ax throw.

Go through the gate and turn right in the temple. Destroy the red explosive vessel to clear the way. Behind it you will find the third dragon shrine guarded by some enemies.

God of War, Dragon Otr

Free Dragon Fafnir

The third dragon is located in the Council of Valkyries area (North of Midgard). Row the boat to the coast, climb up the cliff face, and at the end of the path on the left, open the gate - you see the dragon in front of you.

Jump down the cliffs on the left and follow the left path to the first dragon shrine.

Go towards the dragon and keep an eye on the left side. So you should be able to quickly locate the second shrine.

Then you have to run back and look for a small waterfall. Near the waterfall you can climb up a rock face. So you reach a cave with the third dragon shrine.

God of War, 2018, Dragon Fafnir