Energy Point Locations: Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

In Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, energy points are very important carry out certain task in the game. Besides, they are scarce and if you don’t want to spend real money to replenish your energy, then you have to wait a bit longer in the game. In this guide, we show you how to gain energy quickly.

In HPHM, waiting is not the best option to regain your energy as for this you have to wait four minutes each and that over 20 times.

In Hogwarts, there are some hidden locations where you can find some energy points. Below we show you the locations of all hidden energy points. You can partially farm these energy points every six hours:

1. West Basement: The knight in the middle on the wall is not only moves when you touch him, you can also shake him to get an energy point from the armor.

Energy Point Locations, Harry Potter, Hogwarts Mystery, West Basement

2. West Basement: Right next to it, in the Goblet of Fire (Great Hall) at the passage, the next energy point is hidden.

Energy Point Locations, Harry Potter, Hogwarts Mystery, Great Hallway

3. East Towers: The supposedly blank painting frame on the wall is only temporarily deserted. Touch it for some extra energy.

Energy Point Locations, Harry Potter, Hogwarts Mystery, East Tower

4. West Towers: Touch the painting on the wall and the energy point and some fruits appear in the picture.

Energy Point Locations, Harry Potter, Hogwarts Mystery, West Towers

5. Dungeon: Here you’ll find a tired house elf who has energy with him. Nudge him to get the energy point. 

Energy Point Locations, Harry Potter, Hogwarts Mystery, Dungeon

6. Castle Ground: The stick on the ground belongs to Hagrid's dog Fang. It has energy to play and you get one more energy point.

Energy Point Locations, Harry Potter, Hogwarts Mystery, Castle Ground

Of course, you can also fill your energy bar with spending real money or gems. Let's take a look at what the energy packs cost:

- Energy snack (10 energy): cost you 20 gems
- Energy boost (30 energy): cost you 55 gems
- Energy charge (60 energy): cost you 100 gems

Even if you've saved some gems and you don't want to spend them on hairstyles or clothes , keep in mind how quickly the energy is gone.

The consumption of energy in the respective tasks is also different. So it may be that you complete a lesson with 25 energy. Then again you have to wait longer for something else and let some time pass.

How to Increase or Boost Your Energy Limit in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

You start with 24 energy points, and this is enough in the tutorial but then soon become very short. In fact, you can increase your energy. For that, you have to spend the broom flight hours eagerly, because they supply you once each with a new energy point. For example, in Year 1, you have three hours of flying, so you have reached 27 energy at the end and the announcement of the House Cup. With the following school years, this is increasing noticeably, but not in the immeasurable.