Far Cry 5 Grill Streak, Get 2014 Adjudico Mastodon Xzt

Grill Streak is a side quest that you’ll get from Chad Wolanski in Far Cry 5. You can find him near baron sawmill in Jakob's region.

This time Chad has two assignments for you and they are not exactly civilized, you have to chase certain animals for him, but not just hunting, you have to kill them with a vehicle! These side quests can be completed pretty easily.

The one with the vehicle sounds easier than done, in the first task you need to collect meat from antlered road kill" and in the second task you have to bring bison meat to Chad, here you have to use a vehicle.

Far Cry 5 Grill Streak, Side Quest, Chad Wolanski

For the deer a normal car is enough, they are also sometimes on but this is half the game.

Far Cry 5 Grill Streak, Side Quest, Antlered, Road Kill

The bison is really tough and with a small car you can get real problems. Even with a start, the animal is unlikely to die, they keep getting up. It is recommended to use a heavy vehicle here with which you ram the bison, it may also turn out that you have to drive over it several times.

Far Cry 5 Grill Streak, Side Quest, bison

But be careful, you catch a bison and it is not dead yet, then it gets angry and attack you back. If it overturns your vehicle and it burns, get out as fast as possible!

Then the meat can be taken to Chad with the fast travel.

Far Cry 5, Grill Streak, 2014 ADJUDICO MASTODON XZT

After completion of the side missions, you will receive the vehicle "2014 ADJUDICO MASTODON XZT " and it is now available in stores.