Far Cry 5: Nature Provides Collect Leviathan, Eagle Feather

Nature Provides is one of the shortest side quests that you’ll get in Far Cry 5. In this quest, you’ll have to find Leviathan bonus and Eagle Feather for Bo Adams.

Head to the northwest of Jacob’s region, Whitetail mountain, where you will find Bo Adams who is standing in front of a cave.

You have to talk to him to unlock the Nature Provides side quest, follow the quest to see the target locations on the map.

Far Cry 5, Nature Provides, Bo Adams, Whitetail Mountains, Jacob's Region

Here, a chopper is a suitable option to reach your target locations quickly and easily.

Far Cry 5, Nature Provides, Helicopter

The first target is further to the west, the Snowshoe Lake, where you have to pick the Leviathan bones under water.

Far Cry 5 Nature Provides, Snowshoe Lake, Collect Leviathan bones

If you have collected the Leviathan bonus, then for the next target you have to reach the mountain pass.

Far Cry 5, Nature Provides, Mountain Pass, Climb

Here you cannot use the helicopter you have to climb up with the help of the climbing hook. 

 Far Cry 5, Nature Provides, Mountain Pass, Climbing, climbing hook

Once at the top you have to collect the eagle feather. Then return to Bo to get your rewards, $ 800 and Ultimate Hunter.

 Far Cry 5, Nature Provides, Mountain Pass, Eagle Feather