Farm Infinite XP with new Glitch in God of War (2018)

A new glitch that allows you to farm unlimited amounts of XP in God of War (2018). You can use this very early in the game to earn valuable skills as quickly as possible. This makes the GoW a lot easier.

This is how you have to proceed to get infinite XP in GoW:

The key is the Quick Reflexes, in which you have to parry attacks with the shield. To parry an attack, you have to press L1 at the right moment (a short slow-motion effect will appear if you can do it). For the Gold target (parrying 100 attacks), you get 3,500 XP. It is important that you have not completed this task yet!

Find an opponent with a sword and parry attacks until you reach 99. In the menu you will see the progress - so you don’t have to count.

- Once you have parried 99 attacks, you kill the opponent and continue playing until the game is automatically saved.

Farm Infinite XP, God of War (2018), Exploit, Glitch

- Find a new opponent with a sword and parry the 100th Strike - you will receive 3,500 XP.

- Now press the Options key and then the Triangle key to access the options. Now select "Restart from control point."

- You may keep the earned XP, but the order will be loaded as incomplete. Parry another blow to get another 3,500 XP. Repeat the process as long as you want.

The method will probably work with other jobs as well , but parrying is best because it's easy and fast. We expect the exploit to be patched soon - so you should hurry.