Frostpunk: Get Steam Cores, tips and guide

Frostpunk is a city-builder video game from the video game developer 11bit Studios. In the game, you will not need steam cores at the beginning but they are essential when you want to build something such as greenhouse or hospital.

The game provides some helpful instructions to players but they don’t reveal everything. For example: how to get steam cores.

At the beginning of the game you have only one steam core, so you should think carefully in which building you invest this. Because you cannot get them so easily.

The only way to get to Steam Cores in Frostpunk is to explore. Shortly, the game will tell you to explore and build a Signal Station (base). From here the game gains even more depth and lets you explore places. That's not always easy, and your troops might die too.

As soon as you want to build robots, you need a factory. In order to build this, a steam core is needed. We initially saved the first steam core for as long as possible until we could find other cores. So build a workshop quickly and look for some blueprints in the exploration tab.

Remember, your scouts will find the materials like steam cores and they will not automatically belong to you. You have to send the squad back. The steam cores belong to you only when the scouts arrive at your settlement.

Frostpunk, Get Steam Cores, Tips, Guide