Frostpunk Scouting Locations, Expeditions and Rewards

In Frostpunk, your main task is to find new resources and ensure the survival of your people. For that you have to send them as scout to new areas. Of course what they find during their expedition, you’ll learn only when they arrive.

These expeditions have great advantages as you’ll discover new resources and outposts. But first you have to build the signal station. Only then you can send your people out there for exploration.

If you send your people out for exploration, they usually not only search the selected location, but also spot further exploration areas in the distance, to which you can send new scout teams. There are also a lot of resources like coal and steam cores to extract. The effort is worth it.

Below you will find the scouting locations and the rewards. Note that some of the data is still from the beta version, so that the absolute numbers may differ in some areas.

Frostpunk, Scouting Locations, Expeditions, Rewards

Lost expedition - Survivors (3 children, 10 engineers, 22 workers) - Gloomy Cave, Robust shelter

Gloomy cave - Survivors (4 children, 18 engineers, 11 workers), but you run the risk of losing your scouts due to a bear attack.

Crash site - 143 wood, 47 raw food - Observatory

Observatory - Survivors (4 children, 19 engineers, 12 workers)

Sturdy shelter - 1 steam core, 211 wood, 99 food - Steel Bridge

Steel bridge - Here's your choice: If you take the automaton with you, you have 1 automaton and 1 steam core. If you break it down, you will receive 2 steam cores and 185 steel. - Weather station, Large convoy.

Large convoy - Survivors (18 engineers, 27 workers), but some of them may die if you do not escort them back to the city.

Frostpunk, Steam Core, Expeditions,Rewards

Weather station - 1 steam core, 86 coal - Coal mine, winter home

Winterhome - With the discovery you unlock the decision whether you want to enforce order and discipline or faith and spiritual power in the population. You can also set up an outpost to get 150 wood a day.

Fresh water springs - Survivors (7 children, 22 workers), if you don't escort them, some of them may die. - Snow cliff, Frozen grove

Snow cliff - 98 food rations, 61 wood, 1 steam core - Shrouded Cave and Freshwater Springs

Snow Burrows - Survivors (7 children, 12 workers) - Warehouse Meteor

Frozen grove - 258 wood

Coal mine - Set up outposts: 263 coal and about 800 coal daily; no outpost: 266 coal, 208 wood, 2 steam cores, 198 steel

American Camp - 65 steel, 1 steam core - Temporary settlement

Temporary settlement - 217 wood, 1 steam core - Dreadnought Jetty, Walled Colony

Fishing village - Build Outpost: 2 steam cores, food rations; Dismantle: 279 wood, 2 steam cores - Discovers Tesla City

Walled colony - Survivors (7 children, 18 engineers, 35 workers) who can die while escorting to your city. In addition, you can rob them and leave them to their fate (113 steel, 111 wood).

Dreadnought Landing - 129 steel, 114 wood, 1 steam core - Tesla City

Tesla City - Here's another outpost waiting for you, but you risk the lives of your scouts. You will receive 1 steam core daily after taking the city. - Dreadnought

Deep Hollow - Survivors (7 children, 11 workers) - Stock Compass

Research station - 72 steel, 140 wood, 2 steam cores - Cave hideout

Cave hideout - 35 workers - Frozen pond, Wrecked vehicle

Icebound Dreadnought - 128 steel, 213 wood, 2 steam cores - Abandoned sawmill

Abandoned sawmill - 258 wood - Snow covered supplies, Stone ship

Snow-covered supplies - 53 raw food - Ruined warehouse

Ice Crevasse - Survivors (7 children, 12 workers) - Camp "volcano"

Deep Hollow - Survivors (7 children, 11 workers)

Snow burrows - Survivors (7 children, 12 workers)

Camp Vulcan - Survivors (19 engineers)

Camp Compass - Survivors (18 engineers)