Frostpunk: Steam Achievements Guide

In the city-building survival video game, Frostpunk, you can unlock a total of 49 Steam Achievements. To these achievements you have to fulfill the respective condition.

In our guide you will find all achievements and their unlock conditions.


Lost souls: In the "New House" scenario, rescue every person lost in Frostland

Once More unto the Breach: Supply an amputee with a prosthesis

Built to serve: Build an automaton

Scientific Method, Volume II

Politician: Stay in power after the residents have threatened to overthrow you

Please, Sir, I Want Some More

Scientific Method, Volume I

Promised Land: Have maximum hope and no dissatisfaction

Expats: Build 2 outposts in a game play

The Saviour: Complete the "New Home" scenario without killing residents through cold, hunger, disease or overwork on Hard difficulty

Leader: Complete the scenario "A new home"

Oxbridge: have 4 workshops doing research at the same time

Compassionate: Include all refugee groups in the scenario "A new home"

United: In the "New Home" scenario don't let anyone goes to London

Frostpunk, Steam Achievements Guide

Power Overwhelming: Have a fully upgraded generator (power, range and overdrive)

Shai-Hulud Summoner: Have 4 active heaters work at the same time

Bad at Politics: Keep all the promises made during the gameplay

Tis but a Scratch: Finish a gameplay without an infirmary or a house of healing

Carnivore: If you have the choice, end a scenario only with the use of hunters

Technocrat: Complete the scenario "The Arks"

Conservationist: Save all seedling arks in the scenario "The Arks"

City of Man: Have more than 650 inhabitants at the same time in the city

Hyper efficient: Have a workplace with efficiency above ... [200%]

City of Steam: Own 15 automatons at the same time

Advanced designs: At the same time possess an Advanced Coal Mine, Advanced Wall Drill and advanced Steel Works

Search and rescue: Save all your people coming to the city

Satellite: Complete a scenario without ever expanding the range of the generator

Refugee: Complete the scenario "The Refugees"


Unknown ship

The Union

Unskilled Labor: Finish a scenario without the construction of steam buildings or advanced buildings

Autonomous city: Have a city with at least 200 inhabitants, in which automatons are employed in more than half of the jobs

Vegetarian: If you have the choice, just end a scenario with the use of hothouses

Everybody Lived for Once

Central heating: Finish a gameplay without building a single Steam Center


Better than London: Finish a gameplay without building a single tent

Worse than London: Finish a gameplay without building a single house or barrack

Charcoaled:Finish a gameplay with charcoal-makers as the only coal-fired buildings

My Turn to Speak

Golden path

The Saviour: Complete the New Home scenario on Hard without dying from cold, hunger, disease or overwork

Iron Man (a new home): Complete the scenario "A New Home" on Hard

Iron Man (The Refugees): Complete the scenario "The Refugees" on hard difficulty

Iron Man (The Arks): Complete the scenario "The Arks" on hard difficulty

Urban planner: Have 300 inhabitants who live in the same heat zone of a single steam center

Bread and Games: In a city with at least 200 inhabitants make sure that everyone has access to the inn and the fighting arena