God of War (2018): Difficulty Level Selection guide

There are four difficulty levels available in God of War (GoW) 2018 game: give me a story, give me a balanced experience, give me a challenge and give me god of war. The automatically selected is called "give me a balanced experience". If you want to adjust the difficulty level, then just click one of the above selections and you will get more options.

Three degrees of difficulty of GoW for the PS4 are common, but not the way you may be used to. There is no easy, medium and difficult, which at first glance can lead to confusion. So some GoW fans have wondered if you can change the difficulty level at all.

To change the difficulty levels go to the selection menu, then these are already explained to you. Here you have to decide for yourself if you want to increase the challenge or rather even reduce it. But the important thing is that you have to start a completely new game on the God of War difficulty level to enjoy it. Here are the options that are available in the menu:

- Give Me A Story: That's exactly what you get. The battles are very simple and you can fully concentrate on the story in the game. By the way, the difficulty levels are related to the degree of difficulty of the fights.

- Give Me A Balanced experience: The story is still important to you, but without any challenge you don’t want to play God of War? Here you will be happy.

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- Give Me A Challenge: Are you real GoW veterans and have all the predecessors played through without any problems? Then have fun, this level of difficulty could be something for you.

- Give Me A GoW: A level of difficulty for gaming gods! Much frustration but also a lot of satisfaction, if you have mastered the challenges. If you want to unlock all trophies, then maybe you should choose a lighter difficulty level first.