God of War (2018) Remove Black Border, Bar and Edges

God of War (GoW) 2018 players are currently experiencing black borders. These borders won’t disappear, at least not until you've played with the settings of your PS4. Since you probably don’t want the black borders to interfere with your gameplay experience, we'll show you how to get rid of them.

These black borders appear because the console is not configured properly. This means that you have to open the settings and adjust something there. Proceed as follows:

- Open the settings of your PS4

- Go to Sound and Screen

- Select display area settings here

- Adjust the area to the image to remove the black border.

Now when you start the GoW 2018, the game will appear in full screen and no black borders.

We believed that this is a small trick by the developers with them they have reduced the resolution to improve the performance. 

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