Guide to Create Custom Games, Matches in Fortnite

The developers are currently testing the private matches in Fortnite Battle Royale. If you want to create new custom games then you'll have to wait as the developers are currently grant custom game keys to selected players.

Since the mid of this month, there is a Custom Matchmaking key available on all platforms in the lobby. On the Xbox One you can press LT to trigger this key or L2 on the PS4 and the PC users can click with the mouse on the corresponding bar. To start your private matches in the future, you have to pay attention to the followings:

- Select cogwheel in the game settings and then to the tab "Game". Here, all participants must set the same Matchmaking region.

- All members in the custom game must set the same game mode.

- Enter the custom game key. This must also be the same if you want to play custom games.

There is currently no exact start date for custom matches and as mentioned earlier, it is available to only selected people. Therefore, you probably encounter errors if you try to open the new feature.

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Thanks to custom games in Fortnite, your creativity has no bounds. You can organize tournaments, play hide-and-seek on the map with 100 players or create completely new team compositions.

For streamer custom matches are less suitable, as they are regularly the selected target of their community. The streamer mode does not help any further. Still, custom matches can be fun if you come up with rules of your own.