Guide to Create Your Own Map in Far Cry 5 Arcade

In Far Cry 5, aside from campaign there’s also the arcade mode where players can use map editor and create new game worlds in which you can spend some time.

You can access the arcade mode through the main menu. In the menu you only have to navigate to the corresponding tab, in the campaign you have to look for arcade posters or machines.

If you select the Arcade Hero mode at the beginning you will be put on a random map. This can sometimes produce true rough diamonds or you can shoot fix, so you can find a better map. Of course, there are also the challenges that change regularly. Just click through and find your favorite approach.

If you want to do just that - build yourself - you should keep a few things in mind so that your map will be a success and you will actually implement what you have in mind. Here are a few tips:

- Start small and test the different modes before venturing out to whole worlds. If you want to build a game world, it is recommended to first copy subsections before you design your entire level. Even if you create your own map, it makes sense to not be too big. After all, the opponents are still to be found.

- Well-known game worlds are probably copied every day. But it's even better if you let your imagination play a bit and create something completely new. Although imitation is supposed to be the highest form of recognition, it's hard to stand out with it.

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- You can choose from different game modes and of course your map should match this one. A map is not very challenging if you select Team Deathmatch mode, but the map doesn’t offer hiding and looting opportunities.

- Similar to the game task, the topic should be coherent in itself. You want a horror map? Then use gloomy colors, many hiding places and suitable props. The mode of course offers countless items, but if you find something that fits little in the current map, you should rather consider starting another project.

- Not only should a map - especially if it has nature - be completely flat, you should also remember to add textures, so that the image is even finer and the immersion even more successful. Go wild and play around with the tools. It takes a while until a forest looks like a forest.

Create Your Map, Far Cry 5, Arcade

- Of course it's fun to steal from other players, but the difficulty should still be achievable. Otherwise, it is fast with patience and interest decreases. On the other hand, you should not act too easily. Slaying hundreds of opponents standing idly in the area may be funny for the moment, but it does not add value.

- When you have reached the end of the construction, you should definitely limit the map in the tools so that players don’t get lost in a wasteland in which they can no longer find opponents or loot. Due to the limitation they get a countdown and have to go back to the area.

- In the end, this is precisely in the foreground. You want a map that shines in radiant rainbow colors and is damn hard to solve? Then create it! You want hyperrealistic to copy your favorite map down to the smallest detail? That too is allowed. The arcade mode is just there: make a step out of reality and create your own.