Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Pick Change Your House, Win Cup

In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, you can select any of the four houses and your selection has minimal impact on the first and second years of schooling. There are some dialogue options and there are unexpected quests tailored to your house.

Once you pick your house, your robe will turn into the appropriate house colors and you can enter your common room. It does not matter which house you pick, Rowan is sorted into the same house.

Get House Points and Win Cup

The fastest and easiest way to earn points for your home is through lessons. After completing a unit, you can always see what the house trophy is and how many points you still need to get the first place. Make sure you always have enough energy to complete a class in the appropriate time.

Furthermore, you save house points by continuing to play the main story and selecting dialogue options that match the values of your house. On the other hand, you can lose points if you break rules and act against instructions.

Harry Potter, Hogwarts Mystery
During your class time with Professor Snape, you have to be careful because the grim Slytherin is after you and can deduct points from you if you make a mistake. Other teachers can also deduct points if you answer questions incorrectly or don’t provide services.

Then at the end of a school year and after a few adventures in Hogwarts, the announcement of the winners of the House Cup begins. If you are not on the first place at this time, this can change, because Dumbledore has the donor pants and usually rewarded you extracurricular benefits before you enter the Great Hall at the end of the school year.

The wining of the house cup is worthwhile, because the first place receives a lot of gems. Depending on placement, you will receive the rewards: 1st place: 200 gems, 2nd place: 100 gems, 3rd place: 200 gold coins and 4th place: 100 gold coins.

Harry Potter, Hogwarts Mystery, Pick Your House, Win CupYou can see your current score at any time by clicking on your avatar in the top left corner and then going to rank. Now the house hourglasses open and you see where your house is. The leader board, unlike what you might think, does not show you other players, but consists of NPCs from your school year who also earn points.

Change your House Later?

At first you thought Slytherin was super cool, but now you're more likely to be part of the Ravenclaw faction? It may happen that you want to change your house. Unfortunately, this is not so easy, such as changing hairstyle or clothes. While there is an option for you to call for support, in most cases you will have to accept your choice or just reboot the entire game. Whether the minimal changes are worth the effort is of course questionable. But it has something to do with conviction!