Overwatch: Retribution Getting Started and Survival Guide

Overwatch’s latest event Retribution is now live, bringing new items, skins and has a co-op mode for up-to four players. In a large map with full of opponents, your task is to survive enemy attacks to the end, with the right to special bosses.

To get started, click on Play and select Retribution;

A good strategy to face this seasonal mission is to play with three other players. This makes it easier to group together, and allows each of the players to select the most appropriate character for their playing style.

- Communicate with your Friends

Overwatch, Retribution, Co-Op Mode, Play With Friends

Communicate with your friends is one of the most important parts of the new Retribution mode, especially in its higher difficulties. If your friends don’t use microphones, use the Overwatch social wheel to send alerts, such as healing requests, warnings about your ultimate or ask for help against large groups of enemies.

- Start with the Low Difficulty

Getting started in the high difficulty of new game mode may seem like a good idea, especially for veteran players, but it may be that your team ends up frustrated at the end of the journey. Instead, spend a few minutes in the Low Difficulty, which will allow you to get to know the enemies and map.

- Attention to Bosses

Other than simple and less aggressive enemies, Retribution brings some powerful versions of villains, who function as bosses. Whenever you see a short presentation of a character, focus your efforts on defeating him as quickly as possible to prevent him from causing much damage to your team.

Overwatch, Retribution, Getting Started, bosses Guide

- Use your Ultimate wisely

Ultimates are the most powerful abilities of each of the Overwatch characters, and are essential for survival in Retribution mode. Keep an eye on your special bar, and save your skills for important moments such as large hordes of enemies or very powerful bosses.

- Keep an eye on your Scores

By accessing the Overwatch scoreboard menu, you will have access to your team scores during the match. So it's easy to see if you're doing your role well as a character for attack and support.

- Play Mode with all Heroes

If you have already completed the standard Retribution mode in all difficulties then another good option to take advantage of the event is to play the version for all the heroes of the mode, where each team member can pick any of the Overwatch characters. This way you can create very fun and interesting combinations.