Pokémon GO (Gen 3) Types of Monsters with Weather Changes

Pokémon GO gets a new update with that the game now responds to the real weather conditions around you. Special monsters can be caught during rains, snow or sunny days. Here, we’ll show you, which types of Pokémon you find in which weather condition.

The weather condition in the game should be as close as possible to the real weather. But unfortunately this does not always work. So check your weather app before you get the new update. Often we feel that the weather in Pokémon GO lags behind the real one.

But what advantages that this weather update brings you. The best advantage of the new feature is that specific types of monsters emerge. For example, you can catch more Water Pokémon when it rains. Of course, this also increases the chance to get more candy and thus develop your water monsters faster. Other bonuses are:

- If you catch a special weather type of Pokémon, you get 25% more stardust.

- Wild monsters have higher scores. All three Individual Values are at least 4 (maximum 15).

- In addition, some Pokémon have higher levels. Wild monsters and raid bosses have 5 levels more in the time, so they can reach at least level 6 and a maximum of level 25.

- If your Pokémon performs an attack favored by the weather, it is 20% stronger.

If you catch a monster that is affected by the weather, you will see that by the symbol above its name as soon as you catch it. Special attacks also have a small icon in the profile of each monster. In blue writing, the weather bonus is then behind the strength of an attack.

There are nine types of weather conditions exist in the game. So you probably won’t experience some conditions so often. For example, snow. Here you always have to wait until winter. But you will be rewarded for a long time with ice and steel Pokémon. Which Pokémon types appear more often, you will find below.

Pokémon GO, Weather Update, Windy, Flying, Dragon, Psychic
Sunny - Grass, Fire and Ground

Clear - (only at night) Grass, Fire and Ground

Partly Cloudy - Normal and Rock

Cloudy - Fairy, Fighting and Poison

Foggy - Dark and Ghost

Rain - Water, Electric and Bug

Windy - Flying, Dragon and Psychic

Snow - Ice and Steel

Apart from these weather characteristics, there is also the kind of "extreme". This one only appears when a storm threatens and is already raging. Be careful when venturing outside in this weather. Even Pokémon don’t like this extreme weather condition, so there are no bonuses or special types that appear.