Pokémon Go: Fix AR view / mode doesn’t work on my phone

The hype surrounding the Pokémon GO is unprecedented. But for some smartphone users, the Mobile Game makes frustration. When they try to activate the AR view the game crashes or the camera doesn’t work. Mainly affect users of Huawei P8 Lite. If you encounter such issues, then find below possible causes including proper solutions / fixes.

Option 1: Missing gyroscopes

To use the AR mode in Pokémon GO, your smartphone must have a gyroscope. The sensor determines the alignment or orientation of your smartphone. Without gyros you cannot use the AR mode in Pokémon GO. This is the reason why, for example, the AR mode in Huawei P8 Lite fails. Remedy in this case, only to purchase a smartphone with a corresponding sensor.

You can use the utility software / app on Android "AIDA 64" whether your smartphone has a gyroscope. Follow the steps given below to download and install the free app.:

- Download / Install the AIDA 64 from the Google Play Store
- Open the app.
- Select "sensors".
- Check now whether the list of entry appears "Gyroscope"

Option 2: Software problems

In some cases, the app itself fails. For example, it is already known that the AR mode currently incompatible with iOS 10. It is therefore advisable to continuously update the software of your smartphones and Pokémon GO app for problems with the AR mode. The developers are currently working on to fix the existing incompatibilities.

Below you will find tutorials on how to update your smartphone and the app.

How to update your smartphone to a new version of Android

Step 1 - See the Installed Version

- Take your Android smartphone and open the "Settings".
- At the end of the settings menu "Info", "About phone" to find out the "Software Information", and the currently installed "Android version"

Step 2 - Check for Updates

- Go to the "Settings," and tap the menu "Info", "About phone" or similar...
- Then tap on the "Software Updates". Your smartphone will search for updates and notifies you after a few seconds the available updates, if available.

Step 3 - Install an Android update

- When a software update is available for your smartphone, this will usually displayed automatically when you pull down the menu for notifications. Alternatively, you can, as described above, manually check for an update.
- Tap in update notification and simply click "Install" and confirms the update with "Restart & install".

Apple iOS: To update your iPhone and iPad to a new version

Step 1 - See the Installed Version

- Open "Settings" on your iPhone or iPad and change there to "General".
- Tap on "Info" and scroll to "Version" field down, where you can view the currently installed version on your iOS device.

Step 2 - Install iOS update

- Open the settings and tap "General" in "Software Update".
- Normally, automatically download the updates in the background, if this setting is enabled ( "Settings"> "iTunes & App Store"> "Automatic Downloads"). To install manually tap "Install" or "Download and install" to download the update.
- In the next step you have to, if enabled, enter your security code and accept the Terms of Use.
- The installation of the iOS update may take some time to complete, although apparently you won’t see anything on the screen.

How to download and install Android app updates automatically from Google Play Stores

Open the Google Play Store settings

- Before you start, you must first open the Play Store settings. Tap on Side menu / Hamburger menu then taps on "Settings".

Configure Automatic app updates

- Under "Auto-update apps" you can choose under what conditions Apps automatically updated when updates available. We recommend you automatic updates, these permit only with active WLAN connection.
- Optionally you can disable completely the app updates. The update will then only be done manually through the "My Apps & Games" menu.
- Then mark checkboxes you can also define "Notifications", if you want to inform about available updates and the corresponding updates.

Configure Parental Controls

- The Google Play Store has its own, extensive parental controls allow parents to protect their children from harmful content in games, apps or movies.
- Tap on "Parental Controls" for activation and then use the slider.
- You will be prompted to create a security PIN. Then you can protect them from unauthorized access to the different areas of the Google Play Store.
- Tap on one of the media categories, and then select the G-restriction.

Authentication for Google Play Store purchases

- About authentication for Play Store purchases, you can protect your account against unauthorized access. Tap on its respective function, you can choose whether authentication with all purchases, "Every 30 minutes" or OFF.
- Our advice is to Activate the authentication feature because it not only protect against abuses, but also against accidental purchases.

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