Pokemon Go: fix game won’t start, server issues and errors

The Mobile Game Pokémon GO is currently available for purchase via Google Play Store.

After the soft launch in Australia, New Zealand and the release in the US and worldwide players flooding onto the servers to play the mobile game but due to heavy load, the servers go down from time to time. Especially in the evenings it is very difficult to logging and often you will see the message "Server Error: Please try again later." If you encounter such errors and game won’t start issues, then find below some fixes for several known issues.

Fix: Android APK Parse Error

Are you not yet in the game, but still try to load the APK package on your Android phone, it may causes parse error for some players.

Tips to fix the parsing error on Android

- Generally when installing APK files on your Android device, that the installation of apps from "unknown sources" should be allowed in the security settings of the device.
- First, you should check the download source.
- Possibly the downloaded file is corrupted. Start the APK Download again and try to install it again.
- Fail this installation, the installer tries to obtain data from another source.
- In addition, the error "there is a problem parsing the package" occurs when the APK file is not compatible with the version of Android on the smartphone.
- Here you need a version of the APK that is compatible with the installed version of Android, or a new version of Android on the smartphone or tablet.

A simple restart of the Android device also helps to troubleshoot the device. In addition, the device cache should be cleared and all unused apps should be closed.

Fix: Server Issues

The servers of Pokémon GO are opened and running, but due to the currently load there can be delays and waiting times.

- Both with a Niantic account, as well as a Google account you can enter into the game server.
- Try to restart the app several times and repeatedly log. With a little patience and luck you may be able to logon to the server.
- It is possible that Niantic allows only a limited number of players on the server.
- Have you successfully logged in, the app stay tuned, that you may not be logged out again.

On the part of the developers of Niantic they are already listed down the known issues on their official support site and offered fixes. These five errors occur most frequently:

- Trainer progress is temporarily reset on Level 1: Happens when you use both a Pokémon Trainer Club account and a Google Account. Therefore, use only one account!
- Distorted sound: music and sound effects are only reproduced, partially distorted or delayed. This problem usually occurs in conjunction with Bluetooth audio. Niantic is working on a solution.
- High battery power consumption: The biggest problem in the mobile game. According to own statements Niantic is working on a solution. We already have an article on how you can save battery in Pokémon GO.
- My Location is blurred or deviates: Activate your location / GPS and set it on high accuracy. GPS accuracy depends on your device used and the strength of your signal or connection.
- Message, "This item is not available in your country" when you download the app: Check your Google Wallet settings and ensure that your address is in the right country. If that does not work, you have to contact the Google Play support team.

Other common issues and fixes

Check Data Signal and GPS

Since it requires constant connection, Pokémon Go does not work without a 3G data network, 4G or Wi-Fi signal. Make sure your phone has an active connection and even if it is with credits, in case of pre-paid users.

But beyond the data network, the game also requires active and strong GPS signal to function. Places like subway, in elevators or other more closed places can cause difficulties in the operation.

Restart the Application

If the lack of connection persists or if any locked during the game, a good idea is to restart the application, either on Android or iOS.

In iOS, double-tap the iPhone Home button and slide the app up. On Android, you need to double tap the square button of softkeys and end Pokémon Go there.

Restart the Device

From time to time, the phone connection hangs with live data and restart of Pokémon Go does not solve the lack of network issue. For this, completely restart the phone, which can help you in some way.

If you prefer, you can also keep your phone off for a few seconds, so that the connection back completely renewed. This tip can be combined with the previous for more consistent effect.

Problems with the AR mode / Camera is not working

With the AR mode you can catch Pokémon in real time, as it is known also from the trailers. For some devices, it may make an error in the activation.

- iOS: If you use the beta version of iOS 10, then you have to change it to an earlier version of the operating system, as the game is not compatible with the beta.
- Android smartphones from Sony, HTX and Huawei have no gyro sensor, which is needed for the AR mode. Therefore, it can be used on these phones to avoid such errors.

However, the AR mode off brings you the advantage of prolong battery life and the battery can save in Pokémon GO.

Trainer Level is Reset to 1

If you encounter with this problem, ensure that you have not logged out provided with a second account. You can either login via Google or the Pokémon Trainer Club. Both options carry their own game progress. Then on the settings in the game use your original account at login.

Poké Coins and Items are not displayed

If Poké Coins and Items not displayed in your account, then proceeds as follows:

- Go to the settings in the game and log out.
- Restart your phone.
- Start the game and log in again.

On Android devices, it can also lead to error messages when buying Poké Coins, if you lose your Internet connection. Here, the above steps can help you as well.

Black Screen with Galaxy, Asus and Nexus Smartphones / Tablets 

Players who want to log in with a Galaxy Nexus or Asus have increasingly suffered from a black screen. For this problem, there is no solution yet, since the game does not support Intel CPU. Therefore, here you must wait for a fix or switch to another device.

Compatibility with Smartphone

Unfortunately Pokémon Go is not compatible with all the latest smartphone on the market. It is not available, for example, for devices that use the Windows Phone system.