Fix lag, slow and jerky issues - PC/iOS/Android is the latest browser game for Android smartphone, iOS devices and the PC. The highly addictive skill game combines elements of and the cult game for Nokia phones "Snake": You have to eat points, so that your snake grows and try the other players to block the way, so that they collide with your snake. So far so good but the issue is only when the game starts to lag and jerk. We show you what you can do to fix these annoying issues.

Fix PC Browser Issues

In a game of skill as it is important to move as quickly and smoothly. To achieve victory, every second counts - so it is all the more annoying when stuttering and lag spoil the hunt for the perfect high score. in, if you have to fight with constant lag, you should try the following tips to ensure that the game runs smoothly again - possibly you can also increase the frame rate (FPS).

- Enable Low-Quality Mode: With the low-quality mode it reduces the quality of the textures in Especially if you have the game running on an older PC and jerk, it may help to reduce the quality a little. You can find the mode on Home screen - top right.

- Try to play in another browser: We have tested the game in different browsers - best it ran with the Chrome browser from Google. Do you play in Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge and and experiencing lags, then you should switch to Google Chrome.

- Play in incognito mode of your browser: in incognito no browser plug-ins or other extensions are loaded, which may negatively affect the game speed., Fix Errors
- Increase the priority of chrome.exe file in Task Manager: Some players have reported that they were able to resolve Lags in, by increasing the priority of chrome.exe file. Open the Task Manager and click the Details tab. Search for the process chrome.exe. and click the right mouse button. Then you open the Set Priority menu and then select the option high. jerks and lags on Android and iOS:

The above tips are all in the event that you play in the browser. The question remains: What can you do if the skill game jerks on the Android smartphone or iOS? In this case, there are not many solutions according to current knowledge. In most cases, the lags are likely to be because too many players are on the server at the same time - unfortunately that happens quite often at peak times. Do you have this problem it may help if you just close the app and then re-start?.

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  3. Having same lag, jerky problem on Chrome.

  4. I love this game. Unfortunately, I can't pay. My mouse does NOT work in any browser since I updated my Mac to Sierra. Any ideas why? Not even in incognito.


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