The Division: fix crashes, not start, bugs and known issues

As with any game and especially with a beta there are here and there minor problems and error messages and is also in The Division from Ubisoft. So there are reports that The Division does not start, the game stutters sometimes very strong and some beta keys not be accepted. Also by a red screen after respawn is reported frequently. We have summarized the previously known solutions for the The Division issues on the PC and the PS4 and Xbox One in beta.

The Division Does Not Start

If The Division does not start on the PC and strange error message pop up, then it would be better to start the game in compatibility mode. For this, open the properties of The Division.exe and change to the tab "Compatibility". There set the checkbox "program in compatibility mode" - "Windows 7".

Red Screen after Respawn

Increasingly, there are reports of problems in The Division for a respawn. After you work hard to get back to the respawn points or the last checkpoint then there is the picture starts to get slowly to a reddish tint and ending therein, eventually that the whole image is red. As a solution, either a complete restart of the game or log out and log in again shortly. The developers already aware about this issue and will be fixed in the coming days.

The Division Stuttering while Playing

On both, the Xbox One and on the PC, there are increasing reports of performance issues. While you probably cannot do much with stuttering on the console, some solutions for PC gamers are there.

- Disable V-Sync: The developers recommend just in beta yet to dispense with V-Sync, this can lead to stuttering in The Division.
- Start the game in fullscreen mode: Another cause of stuttering in the game may be the windowed mode, it is recommended The Division to play in full screen mode.
- Update graphics card drivers: the owners of NVIDIA graphics cards are advised to update the driver and possibly the beta drivers from NVIDIA.

Other known Issues and Solutions

- If you cannot shoot or the weapon no longer change. Here, restart the game may help.
- Textures don’t load: Another problem is that sometimes when reloading of textures and you are faced with gray objects, here there is still no known solution, it is probably on the account of the beta status.
- If the screen resolution beyond 1080p or Full HD, it may cause display errors in character creation.

- A list of other known bugs and problems can also be found at The Division forum on the Ubisoft website .
- At the start, it is probably more likely to crash after the tutorials with the error message "The Division has stopped working". So far there is no known solution here.

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