Street Fighter 5: fix - server issues and game won't start

Fans of Street Fighter game series have been waiting a long time for the release of the new title, Street Fighter 5, and finally it is here. But unfortunately the game does not start. If you are struggling with error codes such as 2100D, 10007 and 21004. If you're looking for solution, read on, because according to publisher Capcom, the problem has already been identified and the servers are back online.

Street Fighter Won't Start

Many Steam users report regularly framerate Judder and game freezes. Some complain that they have chosen a fighter ID, which was, however, replaced by their Steam ID. For this problem the developers from Capcom have yet to comment. Also PS4 users have reported problems with the registration of the fighters ID. In this case remains to be seen whether the solution lies in correcting the initial server problems of Street Fighter V.

Capcom is always updating its official Twitter channel, which always keeps you on the server status from Street Fighter 5 to date. Therefore if you have problems, first look there. If you couldn’t find a solution to your issue on Twitter update, try out below tips:

- Anti-virus software: Try out if Street Fighter 5 starts when you disable the AV software for a short time.

- Driver: Check the suitability of your graphics card driver. Some modern integrated graphics chips in laptops are not yet supported by Capcom. It may be that you have to remove the driver and reinstall completely. After installing the driver you have to reboot.

- Verify Game Cache: Maybe some files have been deleted or corrupted. Steam scans - downloaded files and detect whether there is a problem. If there is any, you will receive an error message: "X files failed to validate and wants to be reacquired." Close the window and download the necessary files:

- Here, first AV software must be stopped.
- Click then in the Steam Library Right click on Street Fighter 5
- Choose "Properties" and the tab "Local files"
- Click on "Verify Integrity of Game Cache ..." (Game Cache verify)

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