Pokémon Go: trainer level and farm XP exp points guide

In Pokémon Go, there are various processes and challenges, which are rewarded with experience points. Among other things, you have to catch the pocket monsters, hatch eggs, fight in Gym, unsubscribe or increase the level of development of Pokémon. The following table shows you for what actions you will be rewarded. Then we give you more information on how you can farm XP to level up your trainer.

So you can level up your Pokémon Go Trainer, you must quickly earn a lot of XP. Because you don’t always find many and great Pokéballs and get going. Especially at the beginning of Pokémon Go, you will get a lot of EP for trapping pocket monsters, because they end up there for the first time in your backpack. Use this way to farm experience points and level your trainer. The advantage of a strong trailer is that you take with this stronger pocket monster and be rewarded with each Level with different Poké Balls.

Capture a New Pokémon It must be one that previously you had not yet in your collection. 500
Evolve Pokémon Each Pokémon reaches another stage of development brings you XP, so that you can level up your trainer. 500
Hatch Pokémon For this you will receive not only a new Pokémon, but also experience points. 200
Catch a Pokemon This refers to the repeated start of Pokémon, existing in your collection. 100
Defeat a Pokémon at Gym Move into an enemy Gym and defeated a Pokémon there . 100
Defeat a Pokémon in Training Grab a Pokémon from your fellow Gym and defeated it. 50
Excellent Throw Catch a Pokémon when the fishing district is the smallest. 75
Great Throw Catch a Pokemon, if caught circle is small. 50
Nice Throw Performs a successful throw and catch a Pokémon. 10

Make your way but also regularly in a gym where you can compete against the enemy or against befriended Pokémon. The weaker the opponent, the easier it is to get fast XP. So you know the weaknesses and strengths of Pokémon, it will certainly be much easier to farm experience points. The following list outlines you more tips on how to get XP quickly and level up to the trainer.

- Candy: Collect many sweets as you reach with their help, the higher stages of Pokémon. For this you will receive not only XP for the development, but also a bonus for a new pocket monsters.

- Hatching Egg: You put them in an incubator and run a few steps until a new Pokémon is available. Here you get again double XP: For hatching and for the new pocket monsters.

- PokéStops: Visit the drawn PokéStops, because there you will reward with items and XP.

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