Pokémon Go (Android / iOS) find all Pokéballs - guide

The Pokéballs in Pokemon Go and also in the other games in the Pokémon game series have the purpose to capture and collect all the little and big pocket monsters, so they can compete in battles for you. They are divided into four intensity levels, which determine how hard a Pokémon to catch.

Of course, some of you will already know exactly how the Pokéballs work and what varieties are there. If you know how they work then you can skip to the next paragraph. For Pokémon beginners, we have compiled a list of the types of Pokéball:

- Pokéball: The classic and simple variant of Pokeballs. It costs you little and is easy to get.
- Great Ball: A little harder to get the Great Ball but this increase your chances to catch somewhat troubled Pokémon in Pokémon Go.
- Ultra Ball: This is the second best Pokéball and it can be much more difficult to find, but it is also worthwhile.
- Master Ball: This Pokéball you can catch every Pokémon. They are very difficult to obtain and there are not many. If you have, picks it up, so you can use it against very rare Pokémon like Mew or Mewtwo.

In Pokémon Go, you walk through the real world and meet again on all kinds of Pokémon. Just look on your smartphone and you discover the little pocket monsters. You can also positions of Pokémon. Run the Start mode. Now you have to stiff with the finger on the screen to throw the Pokéball. Require many attempts, while your goal is to make at some point from the dust. Therefore, select the strength of Pokeballs carefully. Have you succeeded and increased your manager level, which you can see in your Pokédex.

If you want to know how you can find your Pokéballs, we have several answers for you. Probably the easiest way leads you to the Pokéstops. In these places you can get free items. In this virtual shelve you will find a lot of Pokéballs. You can also enter specific challenges to obtain Pokéballs as a reward. The higher is your level, the better the Pokéballs.

You can also buy Pokéballs for real money. Unfortunately, there is no information on the pricing, but it will be possible for real money to acquire the coveted items. It should also give special offers, ex. mixtures of different Pokéballs at cheaper prices. Pay attention to this, so can save your money.

Additional information about Poké Balls

So that you know what Pokéball should use best, you can pay attention to the CP (Combat Points) of each Pokémon. The more CP a Pokémon has, the harder it is to catch. With this value, the required quality of Pokeballs rises. But if you use a master ball, this will catch every Pokémon but always pay attention to its rarity. If your manager-level rises, you can carry more and more items with you. Thus rise on a few levels and you can carry large bags full of Pokéballs with you.

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