Pokémon Go: gym, battles, prestige and controls tips

In Pokémon Go, you can enter a gym for battle against friendly or own pocket monsters. However, before you go to a Gym, you have to find and catch many Pokémon. But you can participate in Gym battles and increase your Prestige only when you have reached at least level 5.

An unoccupied Gym in Pokémon Go recognizes on a gray icon. If the Gym is already occupied by other players, then you’ll see blue, red or yellow color. Once you enter a Gym you have to decide a team that has one of these colors:

Yellow: Team Instinct Spark as a leader and the legendary Pokémon is Zapdos.
Blue: Team Mystic, wisdom, led by Blanche and has the legendary Pokémon Articuno on boat.
Red: Team Valor is accompanied by the legendary Pokémon Moltres and the leader is Candela.

After you have joined a team in Pokemon Go, you can now start fights in the Gym. Either in the occupied arenas or in hostile. Fight against Allied Pokémon, it means all the training and help you to level. In addition, your prestige, your rewards can take you to the next level. In this way, you can unlock new area that can occupy with defending Pokémon. So you need many prestige points to increase the level of the Gym:

- 500 Prestige for Level 2 of the Arena
- 1000 Prestige for Level 3 of the Arena
- 2,000 Prestige for Level 4 of the Arena

In Pokémon Go there always a Gym trainer. To do this job, you have to take a gym and then mark down the prestige level to zero. Then in training you increase your prestige as much as you can. A Gym you can take - either if it is unoccupied (gray) or fight against the defending Pokémon. The gym will pass to the winner Only when you have defeated all of the Pokémon.

Battle Tips / Screen Control

The following list shows you how you can fight in the gym.

- To attack another Pokémon, you have to quickly tap your screen.
- For a strong attack you have to hold the finger on the screen.
- To dodge enemies, you have to wipe the touch screen to the side.
- It is important that you use a balanced mix of attack and evasion in the arena. You can win only by attacking and only when the opposing pocket monsters are much weaker.
- Before you rush into battle, look at the Defending Pokémon and pick the Pokémon types that are strong against the enemy.
- In addition, you should always note the prestige of the Gym, because this is an indicator of how many pocket monsters could put you in the fight.
- Notice in Pokémon Go the competition points. They are something like the level of the Pokémon and tell you that its strength.
- If the Pokémon in the arena is a much higher level than your own, you should consider whether you want to attack it. You’ll not succeed with only one pocket monsters.
- Respect always the combat points of your Pokémon. With potions you can fortunately heal every wound.

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