Unlock Thule's Errand, Secret Camo in Call of Duty WW2

In Call of Duty WW2, you can have the hidden Chrome camouflage weapon Thule's Errand, to get this weapon first you need to buy the CoD WW2 DLC pack 2 “The War Machine”. Then in the new zombie episode The Shadowed Throne," you'll need to find an Easter Egg to unlock this hidden camo.

In short: you have to find the “The Shadowed Throne”, after set the radio on the main road to 39 on the left and on the right. Complete the round and this hidden weapon is yours.

Here is a step by step guide

- In the beginning of The Shadowed Throne you need to collect 750 Jolts and then open the door to the ruined building.

- Then, turn left and walk directly to the next door that leads to the main road. Here you need another 1,000 Jolts.

- Now you just have to go straight ahead and look for the radio on the table in the corner. Set it to 39 to the left and right and then wait for few seconds.

Secret Camo, Unlock Thule's Errand, Call of Duty, WW2, Radio

- Once you have done everything right, unlock of the secret camouflage "Thule’s Errand" should be confirmed at the top of the screen.

Thule's Errand, Call of Duty WW2

You can unlock the hidden camouflage for all weapons. If you want to have them, you select a rifle or a pistol, then press the personalization button and select Thule’s Ambassador.