Weapons and Tactics against Final Boss Far Cry 5

In Far Cry, you’ll encounter a religious extremist who takes charge of a city - Hope County, led by the evil man called Joseph Seed. Unsurprisingly, he is also the enemy and in order to get rid of him you must face a somewhat different battle to complete the main story.

After the cut scene, the gameplay scene starts with Joseph sending his supporters (John, Jacob and Fatih) to attack you. As your goal is just to save your friends three times, start throwing bomb for everyone. Then, shoot Seed and run to regain the energy of your group.

You will have to do the same task seven times. As people will be more spread out, the idea is to use a higher caliber weapon, such as the MP15-3 machine gun. Always remember to focus only on shooting on Joseph - so he doesn’t convert more allies - and resurrect the wounded.

In the latter part, the number of twelve revivals must be reached. Soon as your converted allies pop up, fling bombs or shoot with the Rocket Launcher. When they fall, run to relive them. At that moment the combat is more intense, with many casualties, so focus only on not dying and recovering your enemies.

Then it’s time to tackle the Joseph. Attack him normally and wait for the cut scene. Then take your car and drive the bunker. Be careful only with the trees that fall in the middle of the road so as not to bump into them.