All Rare Weapons in Dark Souls Remastered

Dark Souls Remastered has a wide range of weapons to choose from and some of them are called Rare Weapons. In order to get these rare weapons you need to play the game several times, and there are also different ways to get certain rare weapons: Kill enemies and get the Drop, Make oaths, wealth, etc...

In this guide, we listed all the individual rear weapons and show you where you get them from or what you have to do to get the respective weapons or blacksmithing.

Rare weapons and shields - forging bosses with souls

You need to collect the following boss souls to make certain weapons before we show you the individual weapons. You can make 15 weapons / shields.

- 1 Soul of Ornstein (Kills Smough First) 
- 1 Soul of Smough (Kill Ornstein first)
- 1 Soul of Priscilla
Rare Weapons Guide, Dark Souls Remastered
- 2 Souls of Gwyn (One soul for the weapon, one for a miracle)
- 2 Souls of moonlight butterfly
- 2 Souls from Quelaag
- 2 Souls of Iron Golem
- 2 Souls of Wendelin
- 3 Souls of Gray Wolf Sif

Greatsword of Artorias - Straight sword +10 - Sif
Finster killer - Swordhand +10 - Sif
Sword of the Great Prince - Ultra Longsword +10 - Gwyn
Quelaags Furienschwert - Scimitar +10 - Quelaag
chaos sword - Katana +10 - Quelaag
Golemaxt - Ax +10 - Core of the iron golem
Smoughs Hammer - Hammer +10 - Smough
Horn of the moonlight butterfly - Spear +10 - Moonlight Butterfly
Dragonslayer Spear - Spear +10 - Ornstein
Life Hunting Sense - Whip +10 or Halberd +10 -Priscilla
Dragon Bone Fist - Fist weapon +10 - Core of the iron golem
Darkmoon Bow - Bow +10 - Gwyndolin
Darkmoon-tin accelerants - Any accelerator - Gwyndolin
Crystal Ring Shield - Any sign +10 - Moonlight Butterfly
Great Shield of Artoria - Any sign +10 - Sif