Battle Star Location Tomato Town Treasure Map: Fortnite

The latest season, weekly 1 Season 4, for the Fortnite: Battle Royale is live. Bring a new treasure map in Tomato Town.

Since this area has been neglected lately and more recent areas have received more attention, we are exited with the treasure map in Tomato Town.

First, you need to find the lost treasure map, which you can find in many places in Tomato Town. We found one behind the pizza restaurant. it hangs on the wall behind the dustbin. Alternatively, you can go straight to the site of the treasure, which leads you from Tomato Town directly to Loot Lake.

So let's go to Loot Lake, located just west of Tomato Town. Right in the east of the lake you will find a small boat that has already set. Go to the wreck to find the Battle Star.

As in the previous season, the Battle Star appears on every player. For example, you can wait for other players to collect it and then approach the location. We recommend you to wait for a few days and then reach the location, as experience has shown that many players will camp there.

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