Beat Opponent, Duel Strategy: Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

In Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, you can enter into a battle with your opponents in the first year of school. Some of these battles or duels are legal and logged in, others carryout in secret.

Before you start a battle, you should pay attention to the recommended attribute values so that you are not weaker to your opponent. Besides, you must have enough coins to start the duel. You don’t need energy points for this purpose.

There’s no right tactic in the school duels, because it always depends heavily on your opponent. After a few rounds, you should see how your opponent is playing and adjust yourself accordingly.

It's always important to study your opponent’s first few attacks, because that's what you're reading off which attacks you're getting. For example, Merula Snyde plays very aggressively, so you can go her with defensive attacks. On the other hand, Rowan is careful and you can play more aggressively here. In the first year's lessons, you gradually learn dueling spells that are available after learning. However, you should be familiar with the following basic rules of the duels:

Beat Opponent, Duel Strategy Guide, Harry Potter, Hogwarts Mystery,

- There are three attacks or attitudes, each of which has mutual strengths and weaknesses.

- Sneaky beats Defensive and loses when Aggressive.

- Defensive beats Aggressive, loses while sneaky. The damage value is limited, but you have the option to heal yourself with a Mega Power potion if you have already taken damage.

- Aggressive beats sneaky, but loses defensively. This attack does the most damage.

- You cannot see in advance what attitude your opponent takes. That would be too easy.

- If you have chosen a stronger attack than your opponent, you have the choice between different actions and spells, which can deduct or heal your opponent's life.

- In a tie, the player with less life receives a small health boost.