Conan Exiles Single Player, PvP and PvE guide

Conan Exiles works best when you play it in group. However, the game can also be played alone. That works more or less well. Each setting has its advantages and disadvantages.

Play Conan Exiles Alone on PvP Servers

You can play the Conan Exiles on a PvP server. However, the players can always be attacked and killed by others. Even your bases can be destroyed by other players.

Playing alone on these servers is almost impossible. There will always be a clan who will sooner or later claw your resources.

However, there have been some community projects to open unofficial solo / duo servers where no clans will be tolerated. Most of these projects have been reinstated. But to release it would be possible that such servers reappear.

Tips for Playing on PvP Servers

- If you still want to play on a PvP server, find a place that is far from important points. Although these places usually have no resources nearby, they are not visited by clans because they are unimportant.

- Do not build your base beyond sandstone. If you seem to play at the lowest level, you are not such an attractive target for looters. Some clans don’t care, but others will leave you alone.

Conan Exiles, Single Player, PvP, PvE guide

The Alternative: PvE Server

It is much easier to play on PvE servers. Here, other players won’t be able to kill you or destroy your buildings. The focus of the server is on the base construction and the discovery of the world.

In principle, it is easier to play alone on a PvE server than in a PvP environment. Nevertheless, experiencing the full program is very difficult. Many dungeons and bosses can only be created with patience and very good skills.

Tips for Playing on PvE Servers

- Find a community server with simpler settings. As you gain more experience, defending yourself early against NPCs and monsters will be easier.

- Make friends. If you get along well with your neighbors, they will certainly be happy to help you with a siege by NPCs or the exploration of a dungeon. So you stay free and still can discover a lot.

- Stow your things and close your chests! Players cannot use your doors and destroy walls, but sometimes they find a way into your house. Thieves can still steal everything from your workshops and unlocked chests.

Single Player / Co-op mode

Conan Exiles offers you the opportunity to host your own game for you all alone. You then don’t play with other players on a server, but on your own computer alone or with a friend.

How does the single player game work? In your own game, you have full control over all settings. You can determine how much experience you gain and how much damage you are dealing. As the "owner" of the server, you can also switch to admin mode to make you invulnerable or simply generate items.

If you just want to discover the world or build your very own base according to your ideas, the mode is perfect for this. You only encounter NPCs and can experience the game like in a single-player RPG.

Tips for a Single Player Game

- Choose the right settings. You can work around difficulties like too-strong bosses and too-hard dungeons by changing the settings for your damage. Then deal harder punches without being a god, and you can also kill bosses alone.

- Become familiar with the commands. The admin menu of Conan Exiles is intuitive. Many attitudes are self-explanatory, others are understood after a training period. Teleportation and other commands make exploring the world quick and easy.