Console Commands and Cheats: Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire

Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire is currently available on Windows, Linux and macOS, with Switch, PS4 and Xbox One due later this year.

In this guide, we’ll give you the list of all available cheat codes / console commands. To enable these commands, you must first activate the console. To do this, press the “~” key during the game to bring up the console. Once the console is opened, enter "iroll20s" and validate.

Open the console again, and enter one or more of the following commands:

- Invisible - All your characters are invisible

- Rest - Your characters are resting anywhere

- UnlockAll - Unlock all chests and doors

- UnlockBestiary - Unlock all entries of the bestiary

- GivePlayerMoney X - Characters receive X money

- God - All your characters are invincible - Re-entry deactivates the God Mode again.

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- Cosmic Bird - You receive the Cosmic Bird in your inventory

- Cosmic Cat - You receive the Cosmic Cat in your inventory

- Cosmic Dog - You receive the Cosmic Dog in your inventory

- AddExperience X - Add X experience points to all characters

- AddExperienceToLevel X - Pass all characters at level X

- HealParty - Heal all the characters and regenerate stamina.

- NoFog - Unveils unexplored map areas

- FreeRecipesToggle - Allows you to make all recipes

- ToggleSpellLimit - Allows you to use spells at will

- AttributeScore (player name) (attribute) X - Increases the selected attribute of the corresponding player by the value X.

- CraftingDebug - Gives the player a selection of crafting materials.

- GiveItem (item name) - Place the corresponding item in the player's inventory.

- Skill (player name) (attribute) X - Increases the selected skill of the corresponding player by the value X.