Escalation Protocol Level, Boss Battle Guide: Destiny 2

War Spirit, the latest DLC to Destiny 2 brings the Escalation Protocol. In this article, you’ll find some useful tips and tactics on how to deal with new bosses, rewards and guide to Horde mode in a public event.

Once you've started the new Horde Mode, you have limited time to take down all of your opponents in the surrounding area before leaving the Mode.

In the game, you’ll find a total of seven waves for one pass of the escalation protocol, and you will always experience a unique boss fight as part of the seventh and final wave. However, this boss will be in a weekly rotation.

Escalation Protocol Features:

- The waves are getting stronger
- There are a total of seven waves
- Each wave has a mini-boss, in the seventh wave follows the final boss
- There are five final bosses with their own loot, updated weekly

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Escalation Protocol Level, Boss Battle Guide, Destiny 2

Escalation Protocol Rewards Guide

The rewards of the new event are divided into three categories: Cosmetic Rewards, Weapons and Armor.

Cosmetic Rewards:
These items can be contained in any Reward Chest, but have a low drop chance. The further you get in the event, the higher the chance you get one of the exclusive items. Cosmetic rewards include a ship, a sparrow, and a ghost shell.

Weapon Rewards:
The escalation protocol can reward you with three exclusive weapons: a shotgun, a sniper rifle, and a submachine gun.

The weapons are updated every week, as are the bosses themselves. Each weapon is tied to a boss.

Armor Rewards:
The armor is different from the other rewards, armor can only be obtained from the chest that appears after the boss at the end of the seventh wave.

In addition, you need a special key to open the chest, each character can produce only one key per week. To make a key you have to play different war spirit activities.