Fortnite: Find Letters, Map with Locations

Finding and collecting Letters is a weekly challenge comes with the Season 4 of Fortnite Battle Royale. There are 20 letters hidden in the game however, you need to find only eight letters to complete this task.

To collect a letter you have to move close to it and then press the displayed action button. You don’t have to worry about another player snatching the letter as everyone gets their own letters, always in the same order.

The following map shows you all known locations of the letters:

In the northwest of Haunted Hills
In the middle of Pleasant Park
In the middle of Anarchy Acres
In the new area Risky Reels
On the house in the labyrinth of Wailing Woods
In the unnamed area between Tomato Town and Lonley Lodge
In the east of the new and destroyed Dusty Depot
On the new house in the southeast of Lonley Lodge
In the southeast of Retail Row
In the south of Tilted Towers
At the top property in Snobby Shores
To the north of Greasy Grove
In the northeast of Salty Springs
In the unnamed area in the northeast of Flush Factory
In the new buildings of Moisty Mire
On the house in the northeast of Lucky Landing

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