Fortnite: Season 4 Battle Pass Cost / Skin Guide

The Season 4 of Fortnite Battle Royale is now live and you probably want to get the Battle Bass for the new season but don’t know exactly what to expect? Or you wonder what's going on with your previous season’s skins in the new season? In this guide, we answer all important questions about the new season of Fortnite BR.

First things first: you may want to know how much you have to spend to get the Battle Pass for the new season. Anyone who has already bought the Premium Battle Pass from the previous season will not be surprised. Below we show you how much V-Bucks and also Dollars you have to spend for each pack.

- Battle Pass: 950 V-Bucks about $9.50 and 1800 V-Bucks about $18

- Battle Pass package: 2,800 (+ 25 levels) V-Bucks about $28

- A reward level: 150 V-Bucks - about $1.50

The BP pack not only gives you the Season Pass, but also 25 additional levels. If you have already unlock a few levels with the free pass, the 25 levels will be added to it

With the newly added beginner challenges you now get even without Battle Pass some Battle Stars, with which you can later level your pass. In the following picture gallery you can see the challenges:

In general, you can first climb levels without a BP and buy the Premium Pass later. You will then immediately receive all the skins you would have received through the Battle Pass up to this level and see them in your locker.

The developer promises to relax up to 100 rewards once you've reached all 100 levels. In the end, there are even more challenges to further upgrade the legendary Skin "Omega" . According to the developer, you'll need about 75 to 150 hours of gameplay to reach the highest level.

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This is how the Battle Pass works: You buy it with V-Bucks, which you have previously procured for real money. You must increase the BP level to get Emotes, Skins, etc. You level by collecting Battle Stars. 10 of them let you climb one level up.

Season 4 is all about the superhero theme. Accordingly, you can look forward to many skins that look similar to your favorite Marvel and DC heroes. You get a taste with the introduction video for the Battle Pass Season 4:

Once you buy the BP, you will immediately receive two exclusive skins. Then there are emotes, bonuses and boosters with each level-up. The EP boosters help you level up. But your friends will also benefit as you receive Friends EP boosters. These bonuses will only stay with you until the end of the season.

In addition, you will get the following at the end:

- XP boost by 110 percent
- Friends XP boost by 40 percent
- 5,000 experience points
- 1,300 V-Bucks

So you have your BP back in the end. But if you want to buy skins, you also have to reach into your pocket. The spray motifs are brand new. You can already use it in the lobby to decorate walls and floors. They only stop within each round and then disappear again. You equip her like Emotes in the locker.

Important questions and answers about the Battle Pass Season 4

- How do I buy the Battle Pass? Start the game, go to the tab Battle Pass and press buy below.

- How long does the Battle Pass last? It ends on the 9th of July. For the new season, you also have to buy a new pass.

- What happens in the end with my items in the locker? You keep all emotes, skins, etc. that you have unlocked during the season.

- What can these rewards do? They are just cosmetic and don’t bring you any benefits in the game.

- When can I buy the pass? Theoretically, until the last day. The Battle Pass then gets the level you unlocked without a pass. You also receive all the items that were there as rewards until then.

- Can I still unlock rewards from this season after July 9th? No, this is not possible. With the season ends the chance for the skins, emotes etc. and also the challenges are taken out of the game.