Fortnite: Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Strategy, Guide and Tips

Avengers: Infinity War event is finally here and you can play the villain, Thanos, in Fortnite: Battle Royale video game. If you start to play the new mode Infinity Gauntlet, you will soon find out how difficult it can be to play the new villain.

In Infinity Gauntlet, you not only go against the villain, but you also have to compete against each other. After Thanos shows up you have to think about whether you are going to beat him or take him as your counterpart.

At the beginning you will be shown a circle. Within this the Gauntlet will appear. Grab it to turn you into Thanos. If you kill him, the player dies and drops the Gauntlet. Here, if you search carefully you will not only find loot but also some rare, epic and legendary weapons. With them you can easily fight against Thanos.

Besides, the storm will appear faster and you also get more damage. The first storm takes 5% of your Health Points per second, while the next zone reduces 10%. The chance of showing chests and ammo boxes has been increased by 25 % to 30%.

But you also reduce the double amount of materials. The Gauntlet strikes a short time after lap start on the map. After that it will be displayed at the top of the navigation bar. If a player has turned into Thanos, you will hear a "The End is Near."

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The round is a maximum of fifteen minutes . Shield, normal grenades, and bandages will be less common, while you can collect more often the Chug Jug, Pocket Stronghold, Boogie Bomb, Port-A-Fort, Slurp Juice, Bush, and Remote Explosives.

Attacks and Stats of Thanos

Thanos was too strong before, which is why the creators have changed his stats with a hotfix.

He now has the following values:

- Shield has been reduced from 300 to 200
- Maximum health has been increased from 700 to 800
- Laser damage to players has been reduced from 15 to 12

His primary attack is a strike in close combat. Press the button several times to make a combo. He destroys buildings and throws players away. His secondary attack is a laser shot. It ends and needs to be charged, but is very strong.

Besides, he can jump up and then hit the ground. With that you quickly destroy buildings. Aiming is difficult. If the player moves away quickly, you cannot hit him anymore.

The health of Thanos never regenerates. But he can regenerate his shield by killing another player. In addition, he cannot record or build anything. If you lay a bush as a player, Thanos still owns it.

More Tips To Get Gauntlet

This method has been proven to be very effective to get the Gauntlet. Jump within the zone and after a short time open the slider. Now fly slowly back and forth (press A and D or push the stick to the left and right). Make sure you don’t fly too high up. Now watch the sky. You see a glowing comet that contains the Gauntlet. As soon as the Gauntlet flies in one direction, you have to act fast and move in that direction.

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If you have to complete a longer distance, open the skid and close it again quickly. Fly forward, in the direction of the Gauntlet. If there is a player other than you, you should turn off and arm yourself quickly.

Your melee attack deals a lot of damage here. So kill if an opponent attacks you. If you jump up and take advantage of the boosted jump, you should do it in cover or if no one comes too close to you. Thanos is unprotected in this jump and has to take a lot of damage.