All Camera Locations in Fortnite, Season 4 Week 2

Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 4 kicks off the same as previous Season. Once again, a search is pending. There are over 10 Battle Stars to get as reward when you complete the new quest in the Challenge of Week 2. If you want to level up your Battle Pass, you should also go in search of the screen, the scarecrow and the pink Hotrod.

It's time to bring the game to the new areas on the map, and so the challenge lures you into the northeastern area of Risky Reels. In the picture we have drawn the location for you.

Here are Scarecrow, Hotrod and screen in Fortnite.

Of course, the screen is the one that was destroyed during the comet impact in the drive-in movie theater. Very close to a house on the other hand is the abandoned, pink car, at the wheel you do not need to sit down. Further east, on the other hand, the scarecrow gives a small group therapy - the only listener: a teddy bear. Maybe it's about the couple sometimes feeling a bit abandoned and stuffed...

If you are lucky, you’ll find a golden chest in front of the scarecrow. This of course you should not miss. Otherwise, it is always advisable to go on a treasure hunt in Fortnite!

The Battle Star is located on a hill next to the drive-in movie theater. Of course, be prepared for the fact that a lot of players will storm of the site at the beginning. In fact, you can take your time with the task until the beginning of July. For now, devote yourself to older challenges to avoid fast deaths.

All Camera Locations

01 - Camera: East of Retail Row there is a remote race track. Since few players land here, you should be able to get the film set without much trouble. The camera can be found at the start line of the train.

Retail Row, Rail Road, Film Camera Locations, Fortnite, BR

02 - Camera: There is an indoor football field Between Snobby Shores and Tilted Towers. There is a camera on its side of the field, in front of which you can show your best moves.

Indoor Football Field, Film Camera Locations, Fortnite, BR

03 - Camera: In the new region of Risky Reels, there is a green screen at the destroyed drive-in movie theater in one of the outbuildings. The area is well frequented due to many chests and jump stones, so be careful.

Risky Reels, Film Camera Locations, Fortnite, BR

04 - Camera: There is also a Camera set in Haunted Hills. This can be found in the largest building. An old wooden coffin stands in the middle of it on an old carpet. You will not witness Dracula's resurrection here, but you can face the camera in front of it.

Haunted Hills, Film Camera Locations, Fortnite, BR

05 - Camera: In the west of Greasy Grove a Dino or Godzilla movie is apparently filmed. The big footprint also has a camera.

Greasy Grove, Film Camera Locations, Fortnite, BR

06 - Camera: Moisty Mire has two cameras waiting for you to dance in front of. The first one is in the middle of the big movie set at the tree stump benches ...

Moisty Mire, Film Camera Locations, Fortnite, BR

07 - Camera: The second camera is above the a crashed helicopter. The easiest way to dance in front of this lens is to build a platform.

Moisty Mire, Near Crashed Helicopter, Film Camera Locations, Fortnite, BR

08 - Camera: Northeast of the prison at Moisty Mire you will find the next film Camera on the big bridge, which is destroyed in the middle.

Moisty Mire, Near prison, Film Camera Locations, Fortnite, BR

09 - Camera: Next you can see the Camera set at Junk Junction. Head to the building in the upper left corner of the area and look for a living room, the Camera is in the upper garage.

Junk Junction, Film Camera Locations, Fortnite, BR

10 - Camera: A lot of action awaits you in Shifty Shafts. But just a camera and as a newcomer you must not be picky. In the marked building on the mini-map, you have to go to the basement to find a small home theater.

Shifty Shafts, Film Camera Locations, Fortnite, BR