Get Sleeper Simulant, Warmind Quest Walkthrough: Destiny 2

In order to get the Sleeper Simulant Exotic fusion rifle, you should have purchased and installed the second expansion to Destiny 2. Then you have to complete the Warmind story.

After visiting Commander Zavala in the tower, you have to go and see Ana Bray in Mars. She will give you the quest Data Recovery. You start the quest in the Hellas Basin and should have reached 340power level otherwise it will be hard to get the riffle.

Most of the quest steps of Data Recovery are easy to understand and done quickly. Complete the first two and then go to the Dynamo Gateway, where you continue to follow the quest until you are to retrieve a piece of code from a chest. With Ana's components in her baggage, you now grab "Rasputin's Gift" and that completes the first quest section.

The next quest will take place at Braytech Futurescape on Mars. Once you have completed this mission Rasputin will reward you with a badge and the hand cannon IKELOS_HFW_v1.0.1.

Now, go back to Ana Bray and take the next step of Data Recovery. Here, you have to take down some opponents and the cabal with your new weapon.

If you take the next quest section, another step will be taken in which you will have to complete three patrols on Mars. You can easily combine these two steps. Follow the quest until you have to access a node - we're getting closer to the sleeper simulant.

There are 40 sleeper nodes spread all over Mars. For each node, there is a key, which you get with the consumption item "resonant stems."

Unlock Sleeper Simulant, Warmind Quest Walkthrough, Destiny 2 DLC 2, Guide

You will receive resonance resonant stems through patrols or public events. Four of them generate a unique override frequency. In the description of the key, you can see where to find a node that you can now open.

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Look for a node and watch out for acoustic and visual signals that tell you if you're near a target. If you have opened a node, you will return to Ana Bray in the next step. Take the engram and upload the diary at the terminal , which is right in front of her.

If you have killed enough force and cabal, then you have to kill powerful enemies. This refers to opponents who have yellow or orange life lines. These are increasingly encountered during public events or strikes. You can also kill the Cabal guards in the Leviathan Raid - they only fight back after the first attack.

Complete five more heroic strikes for the quest in the following steps, create the first level in the escalation Protocol event three times and crack 15 sleeper knots

If you have done all this, then you are close to the exotic fusion rifle sleeper simulant. The penultimate quest step "Protocol - Perfected Form" requires you to complete the mission "Will of the Thousands" again. Since you must have completed the Sleep Simulant quest campaign anyway, you will already know this mission.

Unlock the "Final Calibration" at the end of the mission. Return to Ana Bray and grab the Sleeper Simulant. It was an elaborate quest, but you hold a Destiny classic in your hands.