Level Up Fast and Earn More XP: Dragon Ball Legends

In this guide to Dragon Ball Legends (2018), we show you some useful tips on maximize your experience gain and quickly level your characters.

Probably the easiest way to farm XP is fighting in the story. You can repeat these as often as you like, as long as you have enough energy left over. If you want to level up quickly and upgrade your characters, then you should understand the level system better.

You can have a maximum of six fighters in your group. In combat, if the story has no special character collections, always three of them are used. The active warhorses receive 100% of the XP at the end of a fight, whether or not they have actively participated. The remaining three are grayed out in the overview, but still gain about 10% of the XP profit.

Here's our tip, if you want to level fast: Grab your strongest character and two more fighters who should earn a lot of XP. Repeat any story mission - preferably one that you can complete as quickly as possible - and let your most powerful heroes do the work, the others will receive the experience points even without using them.

Level Up Fast, Earn More XP, Dragon Ball Legends

If you already have a strong team of 3, you can also try the events. The further you play, the harder the challenge becomes. You also get more experience points per completed quest.

By completing the quests quickly, you will reach your first level ascents very early. Although your energy will eventually be drain but you can regenerate completely with crystals.

Use Training for More XP

You can even use another quick leveling method without actively playing. We can recommend you training with auxiliary items. Touch "Training" in the menu to see all the options. As you advance in the story, you will unlock more and more locations here.

Level Up Fast, Earn More XP, Dragon Ball Legends
At the beginning, normal training is a good way to level up your character in three hours (real time) without having to use training items. However, starting at level 100, this training method will not do you much.

To optimize your training and get more XP you need to use training items like brown weights, red gloves or milk. You receive them as a reward for quests, missions, adventures or as a login bonus and in the exchange. Here's another hint, if you want to level quickly: Always choose the three weights as login bonus, not the time crystals or souls.

The more items of this type you use for training, the more experience you will earn. If you choose a character you want to improve, you can see directly how many levels he would climb.

If you have managed to level up, you will notice that you reach the first level limit at level 300. If you want to pick them up, go to "Character" via the menu and select the Soul Boost. Decide for a fighter at level 300 and choose the "class ascension" at the bottom of the talent tree.

It unlocks only after you have unlocked at least ten strike and ranged attacks, life, or anything else for that character. The level limit is then removed from 300 to 600. The next level will be 600 to 1,000.