Make Regular and Thick Leather in Conan Exiles

In Conan Exiles, you need normal leather to craft items such as armor, weapons, bandages and also for repair kits. On the other hand, thick or harden leather will become more important later in the game as you can make upgrade and craft high end armor.

Making Leather

To make leather you must carefully collect animal skins / hide, because from these you can make leather after you build a tannery.

- You can unlock a tannery once you have reached level 10.
- It costs you three knowledge points.
- You need 240 stone, 160 wood, 50 bark and 25 twine to build the tannery.
- Now you can add animal skins and bark and let the time run out. Bark is obtained by using your pickaxe on trees.
- For a leather you need three animal skins.
- As a by-product you also get tar.

Make Regular, Thick Leather, Conan Exiles

Not all the animals you kill in Conan Exiles will give you thick leather.

You can get hides from both animals and human enemies. Make sure that you unlock the skinning knife as fast as possible, because with this you get much more resources during the hunt. If you take off the head while looting an animal, you can also process it into leather. In the end, you'll even get leather twice.

How to Get Thick / Harden Leather

If you want to make heavy armor, then this game has more resources for you. Thick leather you get only by pachyderms and not by further processing of normal leather. So you don’t have to farm here animal skins but thick skins, to bring them to the tannery again. From the following animals you can get materials from which you can make thick leather:

Bear Pelt
Thick Hide
Elk King Head
Rhino King Head
Grey Rhino Head
White Rhino Head
Rhino Hide
Black Rhino Head
Elephant Hide
Red Dragon Head
Green Dragon Head
Mammoth Head

Killing a dragon will give you five times stronger leather, but the battle against this animal is not easy. Most likely we recommend the hunt for elephants and rhinos, so you can get harden leather easily and quickly. Don’t get involved at the beginning, because the alpha animals in particular are quite a challenge, and it does not do you much good if you lose all your resources through death.