One of Us, Just a Machine Trophy Guide: Detroit Become Human

There are 49 trophies that you can unlock In Detroit Become Human (DBH), and many tasks related to these trophies are depend on the decisions you make in the game! In this guide, we show you how to unlock the following trophy:

Just A Machine

- Connor has become a deviant

Chapter: Crossroads

- Requirements for this task:

- At least Connor and Markus have to stay alive until the Crossroads chapter.

- Connor did not shoot Chloe in "Chapter: Meet Kamski"

- Connor also found out the location of Jericho in the previous chapter "Last Chance Connor"

- Connor has built enough software instability during the game. Put the safety and well-being of others above your goal to find the deviant leader. Always act the way a human being would, not like a machine! Do not kill other deviants. Shows emotions, empathy, make friends with Hank and save him.

One of Us, Just a Machine, Trophy Guide, Detroit Become Human, Connor become deviant

In the Crossroads chapter:

When Markus in conversation with Connor Dialogue selects (these increase the software instability of Connor):

- Discourage (Markus)
- Instructions (Connor)
- I Know You (Markus)
- Convince (Mark)
- Say Nothing (Connor)
- Sow Doubts (Markus)
- Question (Mark)
- Become An Deroger