Tennis World Tour Trophy Unlock Requirements and Guide

In Tennis World Tour, there are a total of 30 trophies to be unlocked. In this guide, we list you all available trophies and their unlock conditions.

Platinum 1, Gold 6, Silver 5 and Bronze 18


Tennis legend: Unlock all other trophies


All that glitters: Acquire all base equipments

This is just the beginning: Reach the level 30

The hard worker: Get all the coaches to their maximum level

Collector: Unlock all the base skills

Number 1: Reach the No. 1 rank in Career mode.

Mentor: Create your Tennis academy in Career mode.

Tennis World Tour: Trophy Guide, Unlock Requirements


Don't miss a single coach!: Unlock all the base coaches

In good company: Unlock all the base agents

Strategist: Fill a skill deck with 5 skills

Technical master: Get one of your skills to the level 3

Halfway: Enter the Top 50 in Career mode


For me?: Acquire your first equipment

They always come in twos: Hire your first coach

An ace up the sleeve: Select your first skill

Patron: Win a charitative tournament in the Career mode

Find it in your heart: Make a donation in Career mode

Inception: Negotiate a video game contract in Career mode

First steps: Win your first match in Career mode

Trench warfare: Have a rally lasting more than 50 shots

Like a hurricane: Win a match without losing a game

Clinical: Win a match without making an unforced error

Speeding: Make a serve at over 220 km/h

Easy does it…: Make a winning shot at less than 40 km/h

Lightning reflexes: Make 15 volleys in a row

Never give up!: Win a match after losing the first two sets

No mercy: Don't lose more than 5 rallies in a match

You shall not pass!: Return an opponent's smash

No point running: Win a set without sprinting

Long-distance runner: Win a match without your stamina level ever going below your opponent's