The Swords of Ditto Tips, Farm Coins and Strategy Guide

In The Swords of Ditto (TSoD), you face all sorts of dangers and a new hero is picked randomly to save the Ditto Island. As a Chosen One, it is your job to stop the evil sorcerer, Mormo.

In the game, you’ll get four days of preparation time and the starting point for your journey is always beginning at the village on the island that serves as a hub. Here, you can buy many useful items. Besides, the settlement is a resting place because your four days of preparation time will not continue there. At first, the village and world of Ditto are abandoned by the previously defeated heroes and with every new hero who fails at Mormo, the situation gets even worse! The buildings are falling apart and the people in the village are becoming increasingly depressive. On the other hand, if you get rid of this evil woman, then the village people will began to regain their lives.

- Tips to Increase Your Preparation Days / Time before you Face Mormo and to Replenish your Health in The Swords of Ditto:

This game is a race against the clock before you take the evil sorcerer. Also, you must take advantage of this time to increase the level of the sword, equip yourself properly with the best possible stickers, collect the best toys etc… Also, each action takes time.

The Swords of Ditto, TSoD, Tips, Farm Coins, Strategy Guide

Explore the map to find the whale shape fountain. After activating the fountain with 8 Tokens, you will start collecting crystals in some caves and get rid of enemies.

Get 100 crystals (the first time) and ask the whale time: this will give you extra time also here if you ask for health, you will be able to replenish it if your life bar reaches 0.

Get Free Food and Replenish Your HP: In TSoD, food can heal you. However, you have to pay for them but if you cannot afford them then there’s a way to get free food in the game.

For this you just have to interact with the statue of the last hero in the village, if you've already defeated Mormo once. Then, you will regain your health completely.

The Swords of Ditto, Tips, Guide, Walkthrough

- Tips to Farm More Coins:

The items you collected in TSoD are very useful for buying food, stickers and other very useful items. Also, here is a way to get more coins.

Most items are obtained by opening chests, cutting up herbs, destroying crates / pots and eliminating enemies. However, by interacting with panels, you get additional items.

Interact with all mailboxes to get some pieces.

You can also make a roll against the trees: some of them contain parts and various objects

- Upgrade Ditto's Sword:

The sword of Ditto is the main weapon in TSoD. Also, here is a tip to upgrade this sword.

To do this, locate the blacksmith by exploring the map.

When you have found it, you need to collect 4 elements: Iron Nugget, Nova Stone, Moebius Coal and Burnish Stone. To get these items, complete side quests, pick up and open the crates on the beach or buy some of these items from the cat in his cave.

When you have collected all the elements, bring them back to the blacksmith to get an upgrade for Ditto's sword.

- Cut Bushes and Grass Faster to Farm Coins and Other Valuables:

In TSoD, grasses and other bushes often contain coins and Valuable Items / gems. You can use your sword to cut them, but it is quite long. Here's a tip to cut them faster.

To do this, simply equip and use your torch. Approach a bush and use your torch. The first grasses / bush will ignite, then the flames will spread on those nearby and so on. Thus, you can clean an entire area very quickly, and simply take the time to collect all the items. This trick works both on the map and in the dungeons but be careful as this trick does not work when it rains.